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CWU Quest Summer Math and Science Camp 2015

Camp Description 

CWU is offering a hands-on, acitivity-based summer science camp for students entering grades 6-8. The camp will meet daily from July 20th - July 24th. Be sure to register early as limited spots are available! To register, click on the Registration Form below and follow the instructions.

Time Frame
July 20-24, 2015



What types of topics will be covered?

Throughout the week, students will rotate through a variety of activities that cover earth science, physics, chemistry, life sciences, and mathematics. For each activity, students will have the opportunity to explore math and science problems in a fun, engaging way. For example, in one activity, students in previous years were presented with a mock crime and learned the necessary biological and chemical tests to conduct a CSI-type investigation in order to solve the crime.

CESME Kids playing outside.What other activities will be provided at the camp?

In addition to the sessions discussed above, students will get to participate in a variety of educational activities on campus. In previous years, these included a chemistry magic show, a visit to the bubble planetarium, and a tour of the campus' greenhouses. Students also participated in a camp-wide water-balloon launching competition.

CESME kids playing outsideIs the camp held at CWU?

Yes, CWU provides an excellent venue for this camp. Students will have access to science labs on campus for many of their sessions. This helps ensure campers are able to learn science by doing science as practiced by scientists. Additionally, CWU facilities include many other activities, such as the bubble planetarium and campus' greenhouses and animal exhibits. CWU also has ample outdoor space to accommodate the remaining sessions as well as activities such as the water-balloon competition.

Camp attendee working on a computer.Who is teaching at the camp?

Science Quest is pleased to offer well-qualified and enthusiastic camp teachers. The teachers are very experienced pre-service education students and/or science majors. Additionally, CWU faculty and staff are involved in mentoring these teachers and providing additional camp activities.


Monday, AM

Check in and welcome

  • Magic Show
  • Planetarium


Monday, PM

  • Nature of Science activities


Tuesday, AM and PM

  • Chemistry and Physics sessions

Wednesday, AM

  • CSI Activity Part 1

Wednesday, PM

  • Trajectory activity including water-balloon launches

Thursday, AM and PM

  • Life and Earth Science Sessions

Friday, AM

  • CSI Activity Part 2


  • Chemistry Demonstration
  • Slide Show
  • Award Ceremony