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Biology models

CESME has several types of biology models available for checkout. Unless otherwise noted, there is only one of each type of model available.


Human anatomical models

Several models of human anatomy including a two skeletons (one life sized, not pictured), two skulls, one brain, two torsos, full musculature system, two hearts, a full model of the cardiovascular system (heart, lungs, upper torso), a kidney, two eyes (one in socket), and a brain.

Photo of human anatomical models

Primate skulls

Museum-quality resin casts of A. boisei and G. gorilla skulls at a 1:2 scale.

Photo of A. boisei skull modelPhoto of G. gorilla skull model

DNA model

A large model of DNA, showing the double helix and base pairs. It does not show the structure of the sugar-phosphate backbone.

Photo of DNA Model

Flower anatomy

A model showing the parts of a flower. We have two of these available for checkout.

Photo of a flower parts model

T. Rex skeleton

A 3D puzzle-type skeleton assembled from cast plastic parts. We have two of these available for checkout.

Photo of a T Rex skeleton model


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