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  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Alternative Energy
  3. Biology
  4. Books
  5. Chemistry
  6. Earth Science
  7. Electrical
  8. Electricity
  9. Electronics
  10. Electronics, Small
  11. K-12 Science Curr
  12. Lab Supplies
  13. Magnets & Motors
  14. Math Aids
  15. Math box
  16. Matter
  17. Measures
  18. Media
  19. Microscopes
  20. Physics
  21. Probes & Sensors (1)
  22. Probes & Sensors (2)
  23. Robotics
  24. Science Ed Teaching
  25. Teacher's Guides
  26. Tools

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  • Shedding Light on Science 11-3-99 (VHS)  - Pigments, Painting, and Printing
  • Shedding Light on Science 11-9-99 (VHS) -  Colors, Cones, and Corneas
  • Shedding Light on Science 12-8-99 (VHS) - Sun and Seasons
  • Teach, Inspiration is the Greatest Teacher (VHS), Discussion Guide
  • Teacher Portfolios Facilitator's Guide
  • Teacher Portfolios Portfolios for Teachers in Training (VHS)
  • Teacher to Teacher with Mr. Wizard Series 3: Balloons and Gases (VHS)
  • Teacher to Teacher with Mr. Wizard Series 6: Pushes and Pulls (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. I Space, Earth and Atmosphere (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. II Water and Weather (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. III Flowers, Plants, and Trees (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. IV Gems, Metals and Minerals (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. IX Mammals (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. VI Americana (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. VII Life Forms, Animals and Animal Oddities (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. VIII Birds and Rodents (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. X Animals and Arachnids (VHS)

  • Tell Me Why Vol. XI Fish, Shellfish, and Other Underwater Life (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XII Pre-Historic Animals, Reptiles, and Amphibians (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XIV Anatomy and Genetics (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XV Medicine (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XVI Sports and Games (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XVII Science, Sound, and Energy (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XVIII Beginnings (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XX How Things Work (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XXI Customs & Superstitions (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XXII Electricity and Electrical Safety (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XXIII Time, Money and Measurement (VHS)
  • Tell Me Why Vol. XXIV Geography (VHS)
  • The Creation of the Universe (VHS)
  • The First Year (VHS), The First Year How to Get Involved
  • The Glenn McKnight Case: A Video Ethnography of Fourth-Grade Constructivist Science Teac
  • The Three Grouchketeers Disk 2 (CD-ROM)
  • You Can Teach! Multimedia for Reflection CD-ROM

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  • Microscope, 1 (26)
  • Microscope, 2 (25)


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