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Central Washington University

CENTRALIGHTS 2019: Points of Pride

  • Maya Chachava, an  associate professor in the Department of Art + Design, recently served  as a regional judge for the prestigious AXA Art Prize competition. The  AXA Art Prize was launched in 2017 as the XL Caitlin Art Prize and  quickly established itself as one of the premier student art  competitions in the U.S. The prize is open to figurative paintings,  drawings, and prints made by undergraduate and graduate students  enrolled in courses in the U.S. The jurors selected 40 student finalists  who will have their work exhibited nationally.
  •  Kelly Pritchett,  associate professor in nutrition and exercise science, is featured in a  new article in Reader’s Digest magazine. In the piece, Pritchett  describes the advantages of a high-protein diet supplemented by exercise  and strength training. The complete article can be found at:
  •  CWU Professor Luke S.  Williams recently was featured in a WalletHub piece about low interest  credit cards. WalletHub is a personal finance website.
  •  Rebecca Lubas, CWU's new Dean of Libraries, wrote a letter to the editor that appeared in the June 2019 issue of *Atlantic Monthly*.  In her letter, Lubas addressed a recent article by Dan Cohen that  indicated that university libraries are seeing "steady, and in many  cases precipitious, declines in the use of the books on their shelves."  Lubas wrote that one way to make libraries "live and breathe" is by  showcasing things of interest to people. She cited a recent public  poetry reading at CWU, after which audience members asked to join the  discussion, with many holding books marked to passages important to  them. "There's a joy in interacting with the printed word that we need  only provide the opportunity to celebrate," she said. [
  •  CWU’s College of  Business offers one of the 50 best online undergraduate business  programs in 2019, according to College Consensus, a college ratings  website that aggregates publisher rankings and student reviews. College  Consensus gave CWU’s program a convenience score (ease of use) of 100  percent along with an affordability score of 91 percent.
  • CWU's College of  Business is ranked in the top third of Best Business Schools in the U.S.  in 2019, according to a new survey by the Chamber of  website. The report also ranked CWU third among business schools in the  state of Washington. Rankings were based on factors including tuition  costs, location, graduation rates, student-to-faculty ration, number of  business classes, and enrollment (
  • Easton Benson, a  Central Washington University junior (Theatre) is one of four 2019  nominees for the prestigious Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the  Americas (LMDA) Dramaturgy Award. The award is a result of a unique  collaboration between LMDA, the Association for Theater in Higher  Education (ATHE) and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  Regional finalists for the award will receive a one-year membership in  LMDA and will be considered for residencies at the O’Neill National  Playwrights Conference, the Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis or the  Kennedy Center and National New Play Network’s MFA Playwrights’ Workshop  ([
  • Central Washington  University's online Psychology degree program is one of the nation's top  35 online bachelor's degree programs in Psychology, according to Online  Schools Report, a national degree ranking website. CWU ranked 19th in  the U.S. in the survey, which utilized data in seven catagories,  including student satisfaction, affordability and earnings potential,  and retention rates, to measure program quality (h[ttps://](http://ttps:/
  • Central Washington  University’s online Information Technology and Administrative Management  undergraduate degree program is one of the 15 best IT-related  bachelor’s degree programs in the U.S., according to Bachelor's Degree  Center, a free guide to traditional and online bachelor's degree  programs in all disciplines. For more information: [(
  • Alejandra Lopez Rocha, a  senior Law and Justice major and McNair Scholar at CWU, presented a  paper, “Structural Violence and Mexican Immigration,” on February 8 at  the annual Western Society of Criminology meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Rocha’s research addressed the structural violence immigrants encounter  before and after they reach the U.S.-Mexico border. Rocha, 22, who plans  to attend graduate school, said she is interested in pursuing the topic  further in her post-graduate career.
  • CWU Aviation professor  Amy Hoover has written a new book, Mountain, Canyon, and Backcountry  Flying, which encourages pilots to get off the beaten path and enjoy the  outdoors. The 392-page book, published by Aviation Supplies &  Academics, Inc., focuses on recreational activities such as airplane  camping, hiking, fishing, and staying at guest lodges or bush campus in  areas without roads or easy access by land or water. For more  information:
  • A national college  ranking website,, named Central Washington University’s human  resources management program in the College of Business as one of the  best in the nation. CWU’s human resources management specialization (in  the business administration major) was ranked 6th in the U.S., according  to the website.
  • Ellensburg, is one of  the Top 20 micropolitan areas in the nation, according to a new ranking  by the Walton Family Foundation. The report ranked micropolitan areas,  defined as localities with a population between 10,000 and 50,000, that  are measured for potential for economic growth, income gains, and  proportion of total jobs at young firms. Ellensburg ranked 18th in the  survey, and was the only Washington state town listed in the top 20.
  • Central Washington  University is ranked as one of the top 20 universities for online  master's programs in information technology by the website, Central is ranked 15th in the nation,  according to the annual survey of colleges and universities.
  • Central Washington  University is one of the top ten public regional universities in the  west in a new ranking by U.S. News and World Reports. The annual survey  of all U.S. colleges and universities also ranked CWU as a top “best  value school” among regional universities in the west.
  • Central Washington  University offers one of the nation’s top five best online bachelor’s  degree programs in writing, according to, an online  college evaluation service. noted that unlike many  online writing programs, CWU combines a literature-liberal arts  foundation with specialized coursework in professional and business  writing, editing, publishing, and creative writing, which provides  students the freedom to shape their major to their personal and  professional needs.

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