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Where Great Art Transcends Disability

"I believe that when you ask people to tell you their story phenomenal things happen." explained Tom Di Maria director of Creative Growth Art Center.  Judith Scott's social and verbal communication was blocked for most of her life. Once she found textiles, it became her communication pathway.  In the book, EnTWINed: Secrets From the Silent World of Judith Scott, Joyce Scott  tells the story of her twin sister who  became a ward of the state at the age of 7 and spent 35 years in an Ohio state institution.  When Judith moved in with Joyce and her family, she began attending the Creative Growth Art Center where she created  colorful elaborately woven sculptures. Judith became the first artist with Down's Syndrome to be featured in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Her work is in permanent museum collections in New York City, Paris, and London. Her story has inspired five books and three documentaries.

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