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Take your alternative media processing to the next level.


CAT Features

Guide Me

Your workflow assistant. Guide Me teaches you the steps of document processing as you go. No previous experience needed.

Prepare Document

CAT automatically corrects common document issues in two clicks. Dramatically reduce your time processing: save time, save money, and reduce repetitive tasks.


Evaluate your document for accessibility. Click an issue and Checker walks you through the solution.

Cat Tracks

Follow the Cat Tracks to find the tools you need while processing. It's out of your way until you need it.

CAT Simplifies Accommodations

Each client needs something different out of alternative media. CAT prepares you for whatever comes your way.

 CAT + CAR = Great User Experience

Finding software to open your accessible media can be a struggle. Central Access Reader (CAR) takes documents from CAT, and gives the client the controls. Customize how documents look, sound, and export. Best of all CAR reads the math in your documents. Download CAR for Free.

One Document. Many Applications.

Stop re-producing documents to support alternative media software. CAT’s Format Ready option helps your Word Document transform into the format solution you need. CAT prepares your documents for use with:

  • Braille (Duxbury)*
  • DAISY & Math DAISY
  • Large Print
  • Kurzweil*
  • WYNN*
  • Most Other TTS Readers

 Built for Word

CAT integrates into Microsoft Word's ribbon seamlessly. All the tools you need are built in and are a click away.

Central Access's Tools In Your Lab

Central Access uses CAT for its text alternative media needs. CAT saves time and money, while rapidly increasing your alternative media quality and effectiveness.

*Central Access cannot guarantee compatibility with all formats. Degree and quality of compatibility is dependent on said software owner.

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.