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Central Access Reader

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Central Access Reader (CAR) is free, open source, text-to- speech application designed specifically for students with print-related disabilities.  CAR reads Word Docs and pasted text using the voice installed on your computer.  CAR has an intuitive interface and many customizable features. 
Mac + PC

Download Links

Windows (64-bit only)

Mac (Yosemite)*


CAR for Mac is currently not working.  We are aware of this issue and hope to have it resolved soon.   If you know of a Mac Developer who would be willing to collaborate with us to solve this problem, please contact Wendy Holden  




Opens Word Documents.

Reads Math and Logic Equations.



Flexible MP3 Output.

Customizable Speech.

Color Control.

Paste From Clipboard.


Export to HTML.

Synchronized Dual-highlighting.

Additional Features/Specs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Developer Bios

*Mac users may need to change the Gatekeeper settings, in order to install CAR:

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