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Continuing Education

Sociology Department

Department Contact:

Dr. Kirk Johnson
Professor/Department Chair

Sociology Department Website:

Course Offerings


  1. Qualifications to teach

    1. New lecturers must have a master's degree in Sociology or equivalent credentials to teach Cornerstone courses.
    2. New lecturers must be approved by the Sociology department chair and the academic dean of the College of the Sciences.
    3. Policies for Approval of Lecturers
    4. Application for Lecturers
  2. On-going Professional Development Requirement

    • Orientation:

      Upon approval, the department liaison will provide orientation and teaching materials currently used in the course to instructors through site visits, electronic communication or on campus visit. As part of the orientation, CWU Cornerstone teachers will be provided a syllabus and an overview of the teaching materials currently used in the course(s). Appropriate textbook choices, syllabus criteria, appropriate activities and facilitation strategies will be covered.

    • Professional Development:

      Once a year CWU Cornerstone instructors will visit CWU campus to observe a class and meet with introductory course(s) faculty members. These sessions will provide an opportunity to discuss department or course specific goals and objectives, problem solve for challenges that may occur, review assignments for consistency of grading and student expectations, and review Student Evaluations of Instruction (SEOI's) with the chair, along with any peer or self-reflection evaluation of instruction you might elect to submit. In addition, CWU Cornerstone high school faculty may contact the chair or introductory faculty via e-mail or telephone during the academic year if questions or concerns arise. Site visits to high school by CWU department liaison

*This ongoing interaction is intended to build collegiality and ensure consistency of instructions between CWU faculty that teach on campus and those who teach through the CWU Cornerstone program.