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Continuing Education

Psychology Department

Department Contact:

Dr. Stephanie Stein
Department Chair
Office: Psychology 422

Psychology Department Website

Course Offerings


  1. Qualifications to teach

    1. New lecturers must have a master's degree in Psychology or equivalent credentials to teach Cornerstone courses.
    2. New lecturers must be approved by the Psychology department chair and the academic dean of the College of the Sciences.
    3. Policies for Approval of Lecturers
    4. Application for Lecturers
  2. On-going Professional Development Requirements

    • Orientation:

      Upon approval, Dr. Stein will provide orientation and teaching materials currently used in the General Psychology course to new instructors, through: site visits to CWU campus, electronic communications or on-campus workshops. Textbook, syllabus criteria, appropriate activities and projects will be covered.

    • Professional Development:

      • General overview of the fields of psychology
      • Review of syllabi and course assignments.
      • 101 Textbooks: how to choose a good book
      • Ancillary resources: using online resources in class
      • Assessment in psychology classes: Test banks, test formats, reliable indicators
      • Writing and tying objectives to assessments
      • Self-assessment of effectiveness.
      • The use of Blackboard and discussion groups to encourage critical thinking
      • Extracurricular activities in psychology
      • Concerns of Cornerstone participants
      • Site visit to high school by CWU department liaison

*This ongoing interaction is intended to build collegiality and ensure consistency of instructions between CWU faculty that teach on campus and those who teach through the CWU Cornerstone program.