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Policies for Approval of Lecturers

  1. Definition:
    A lecturer is anyone who qualifies under section 4.60B of the CWU Faculty Code.
  2. Lecturer Status
    Lecturer status allows the applicant to teach CWU credit classes for CWU's College in the High School program. Lecturer files are reviewed by the appropriate Chair and Academic Dean before issuance of appointment of teaching assignments.
    1. Application Process
      To qualify for lecturer status the applicant must:
      1. At a minimum, the lecturer must have a master's degree in the field appropriate to which they are teaching from an accredited institution or equivalent credentials.
      2. Submit the CWU Lecturer Application, including three letters of recommendation and Resume or Vita. At least one of these letters must be from applicant's immediate supervisor (principal or superintendent).
      3. Submit an official sealed transcript sent directly to Continuing Education from the institution granting the applicant's highest degree as well as any undergraduate transcripts showing coursework in the subject to be taught.
      4. Submit a cover letter stating the applicant's interest in teaching for CWU and his/her qualifications pertinent to the requested assignment.
      5. In addition, please feel free to submit any additional training, workshops, writing samples or information to be added to your file to strengthen your application.
    2. Approval Process
      The application file will be initiated through the CWU Continuing Education Office and will then be routed to the appropriate department chair and deans for approval.

      After the approval process has been completed, the original file will be returned to the Cornerstone office where it will be housed. Copies of all student evaluations are kept in the lecturer's file. Lecturer files remain active for three (3) years. If no classes are taught within the three-year period, the file then becomes inactive. After a total of six years of inactivity, the lecturer must reapply for approval.
    3. Course Approval
      1. Cornerstone: approval to teach for CWU is made for each course request using the Course Schedule Form with approval granted by department chair, school dean, and director of Continuing Education.
      2. Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEOI) will be required for all classes taught by lecturers. (These evaluations are circulated to the lecturer, the appropriate department chair, the appropriate academic dean and the director of Continuing Education.)
      3. If the performance of a lecturer is unsatisfactory, the department may request, in writing to the appropriate dean, that the lecturer status be revoked.

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