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Continuing Education

Mathematics Department

Dick Trudgeon

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  1. Qualifications to teach

    1. New lecturers must have a master's degree in Mathematics or Mathematics Education or a related field to teach Cornerstone courses.
    2. New lecturers must be approved by the Mathematics department chair and the academic dean of the College of the Sciences.
    3. Policies for Approval of Lecturers
    4. Application for Lecturers
  2. On-going Professional Development Requirements

    • Orientation

      Upon approval, new teachers will meet with the department liaison. Teachers should review sample materials sent to them and be somewhat familiar with course content before the orientation session. The department liaison will provide a copy of course outcomes and an overview of the teaching materials currently used in the course. Appropriate textbook choices, criteria, appropriate activities and grading will be covered as well as Scientific Notebook, and the common final exam. The program coordinator will go over administrative procedures and policies and, a system for on-going contact will be established.

    • Professional Development

      On-Campus workshops relevant to instruction and development of course materials will be offered twice a year. All Cornerstone math instructors must attend at least one of the workshops. The training will include a review of on campus and Cornerstone syllabi of the same courses, updating Cornerstone faculty on department goals, objectives and assignments for courses taught in the Cornerstone program, and evaluation of similar student work to check for grading consistencies. Presentations will be made by Cornerstone instructors and by current CWU faculty members.

      The department liaison will review the syllabus, sample assessments, and available SEOI scores for all Cornerstone Lecturers. Site Visits to high school by the CWU department liaison will occur at least once a year.

      In addition, CWU Cornerstone high school faculty may contact the department liaison via e-mail or telephone during the academic year if questions or concerns arise.

*This ongoing interaction is intended to build collegiality and ensure consistency of instructions between CWU faculty that teach on campus and those who teach through the CWU Cornerstone program.