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CWU Continuing Education, the CWU International Sustainable Development Institute and GIVE have partnered to create a unique opportunity: volunteers embarking on one of GIVE’s excursions can now receive academic credit by enrolling in CWU’s companion course, UNIV 304: International Sustainable Development.


What is GIVE?

GIVE (Growth International Volunteer Excursions) is a Seattle based travel organization that unites international service, adventure travel, and academics to create a meaningful volunteer experience abroad. GIVE runs programs in Tanzania, Nicaragua, Laos, and Thailand and engages in service work, adventure travel, and experiential learning. They offer an accredited online academic course (UNIV 304) through Central Washington University that can be taken for credit at most universities in conjunction with our trips, and also offer post-trip resources to help our alumni to drive social change.

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What is UNIV 304?

UNIV 304: Sustainable Development is a hybrid course for students of different disciplines that combines interactive online modules with an international, on-the-ground cultural immersion experience. The course focuses on the environmental, cultural, economic, and spiritual dimensions of creating healthy, just, and viable communities.

UNIV 304 is accredited by the Central Washington University and provides variable credit (3-8 semester credits) based on the duration of the residential session. Credits are transferable to colleges and universities within the U.S. and internationally.

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How do I Sign Up?

Before you can enroll in UNIV 304 you must already be accepted by GIVE into one of their international volunteer excursions. Click the link below to read the steps on how to start your unique volunteer experience outside the classroom:

Getting Started


GIVE's excursion in conjunction with our academic course allows you to truly open your world beyond the classroom for a completely unique volunteer experience.



Volunteer abroad.            Be the roots of change.            Receive academic credit!


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