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Continuing Education

English Department

Department Contact:

Rob Schnelle
Assistant Professor / Cornerstone English Liaison
Office: L & L 417

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  1. Qualifications to teach

    1. New Cornerstone English lecturers are required to have a Master's degree in English, Language Arts, or Humanities to teach English 101 or 102, with coursework in English Literature required to teach English 105.
    2. New lecturers should provide all application materials to the Office of Continuing Education.
    3. Policies for Approval of Lecturers
    4. Application for Lecturers
  2. On-going Professional Development Requirements

    • Orientation:

      After their approval by the English department and College of Arts and Humanities, new Cornerstone English instructors meet individually with their liaison either at CWU or on the high school campus to discuss English 101, 102 and 105 objectives; to undergo computer training for Safari grade reports and database research, and to receive and peruse a teaching portfolio that includes course syllabi, course outlines, assignment prompts and strategies, benchmark papers, grading criteria, and sample graded papers. Other requirements, such as SEOIs , annual workshops, and evaluations, are also discussed.

    • Professional Development:

      Once a year Cornerstone instructors attend a workshop on the CWU campus offered by the Cornerstone liaison that reviews course objectives; offers updated classroom materials (assignment prompts, sample graded and benchmark papers, handouts); discusses course objectives, teaching strategies and grading standards, and reviews online access to Safari and CWU library databases.

      Once a year the Cornerstone liaison observes each high school teacher in his or her classroom to offer feedback, new material, and continued support. Cornerstone teachers maintain a notebook for evaluation that includes their syllabi, assignment handouts, and an assortment of marked and graded papers.

      Cornerstone teachers are encouraged to contact the department liaison and one another by email or through the Cornerstone English Blackboard site.

*This ongoing interaction is intended to build collegiality and ensure consistency of course objectives between CWU faculty who teach on campus and those who teach through the CWU Cornerstone program.