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Continuing Education

Course Procedure

After the instructor has been approved as an lecturer at CWU and the students have met the prerequisites necessary for the course, the following information is designed to explain the procedure for setting up a course for the Cornerstone Program.

Setting Up the Course

The following information is needed to set up a course, please fill out the course schedule form or contact the CWU Office of Continuing Education.

  • Instructor name
  • School district
  • Name and number of course
  • Dates and time course will be held
  • Number of students expected to enroll

The Office of Continuing Education will initiate a course schedule form (CSF). The academic department chair, dean, and director of Cornerstone approve the CSF. This step usually takes 1-3 days.

After the CSF has been approved, CE will send the instructor the appropriate number of registration forms, payment summary sheet(s), Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEOI) forms, and several postage-paid envelopes. The instructor will also receive an appointment letter confirming their Cornerstone teaching assignment.

Student Registration

The instructor may handle this process or they may request that the Cornerstone Program coordinator, hold a parent/student orientation session and assist with registration. To request an orientation, please contact Continuing Education a 509-963-1504. In keeping with university policy, students must register for credit during the first two weeks of instruction.

Students register by completing all fields on the 2-part NCR form. Their student status will be undergraduate, non-matriculated. The tuition rate is $50 per credit and they may pay by personal check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. We also accept district purchase orders. List the student names, social security numbers or CWU ID numbers, and payments on the Payment Summary Form. Return the registration forms and payment summary to CE in the postage-paid envelope. You must also include documentation that shows that the students have passed the required placement tests (English/Math).

Any questions concerning registration or tuition payment may be directed to Continuing Education. Please call (509) 963-1504, or e-mail us at

Grade Rosters

Grade rosters will be issued approximately two weeks prior to the end of your class according to your submitted course schedule form. CE will mail them to the instructor at the school's address.

The instructor's appointment letter will note the day that grades are due. Grades may be faxed to CE at 509-963-1690. We will also accept e-mailed grades.

Email them to Continuing Education:

Student Evaluation of Instruction

All students should complete a SEOI form (using a #2 pencil) at the conclusion of the course. The instructor should leave the room after identifying someone to distribute and collect the evaluations. The evaluations are then placed in one of the postage-paid envelopes have been provided and mailed to CE. After the forms have been scanned by the CWU Testing Office, The instructor will receive a copy of the SEOI summary and handwritten comments, a copy will be sent to the academic department and one will be placed in the lecturer's file.