Hot Beverages

All hot beverages are served with cups, appropriate condiments, and napkins. One gallon serves approximately 15.

D&M Lion’s Rock Coffee $15/gallon
We proudly serve locally roasted D&M coffee.
D&M Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee $15/gallon
Hot Tea $14/gallon
We provide assorted Tazo Tea bags along with hot water and lemon.
Hot Chocolate $15/gallon
Hot Spiced Apple Cider $15/gallon

Cold Beverages

All cold beverage orders include plastic cups, beverage napkins, and ice. One gallon serves approximately 15.

Juice $15/gallon
Orange, cranberry, or apple.
Bottled Juice $1.75/each
Assorted light juice blends in 10 oz cans.
Lemonade $15/gallon
Regular or raspberry.
Iced Tea $15/gallon
Served with lemon wedges, sugar, and Equal.
Cranberry Punch $15/gallon
A blend of cranberry and apple juice, with a touch of sparkle.
Citrus Punch $15/gallon
A blend of tropical juices.
Flavored waters $10/3 gallon containers
Cucumber Mint
Strawberry basil
Sparkling Apple Cider $6/bottle
Iced Water $10 per 2-5 Gallons includes cups & delivery
Bottled Water $1/bottle
16.9 oz.
Soda $1/can
12 oz Coke, Diet Coke, or Sprite.

Prices are valid through December 31, 2015. Please note displayed prices are for on campus department charges, residence hall vouchers, and for billing to state agencies/nonprofits conducting qualifying fundraising activities. Tax is added to billing for private party and non-state entities.