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Appetizers, Stationed

Stations set up throughout the event, manned by our courteous culinary juggernauts. Stations are for 25 guests, or more. Chef crew fee of $35.00 per hour per 100 guests per station. Most of our stations also double as a vegetarian option by excluding the protein.
A guaranteed number attending is required ten working days prior to your event. Your bill will reflect this guaranteed number. If more guests show up than what has been guaranteed, then you will be billed at the higher guest count.
Additional seated table china service is available for $2.25/person - includes tables, glass or porcelain dishware, flatware, glassware (bar service separate) & cloth napkins.
Additional service staff for bussing or other preferences is also available at $17.50/hour per server.
The number of servers needed will be affected by the type of services desired & the guaranteed number of guests. This determination will be made by the Catering Manager in coordination with your event planning process.

Mexican Pulled Pork Station

Pork shoulder slow cooked with white wine, chili & spices served over roasted garlic & oregano polenta with roasted jalapeno sour cream, pico de gallo & a chipotle cream sauce. Substitute grilled vegetables for a vegetarian option.

Melon Salad 

Fresh melon with crisp prosciutto, basil, goat cheese & a honey olive oil dressing.

Grilled Caesar Salad 

Charred heart of romaine served with parmesan, grilled lemon, pickled red onion, croutons & choice of classic Caesar or buttermilk bleu cheese dressing.

Country Style Chicken Drumettes 

Roasted chicken with lemon & thyme served with charred leek mashed potatoes & chicken au jus.


Homemade chicken gumbo served with chives & toasted crostini.

Roasted Red Pepper Pomodoro Pasta 

Classic tomato sauce cooked with garlic, roasted red pepper, chili, olive oil & basil. Garnished with fried basil, parmesan & crisp prosciutto.

Thai Chicken Curry

Grilled chicken skewer served over jasmine rice with Thai curry sauce & finished with shaved pepper, basil, mint & cilantro salad.

Lamb, Beef or Chicken Curry 

Northern India style curry slow cooked with spices & served over basmati rice with cilantro. Accompanied with herbed flatbread.

Ahi Tuna Wontons 

Blackened rare ahi tuna served with cucumber salad & wasabi cream on a crisp wonton.

Mashed Potato Bar 

Choose 2 kinds of mashed potatoes
-Classic mashed potatoes
-Aged cheddar & garlic mashed potatoes
-Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
-Mashed sweet potato
-Chipotle mashed potatoes
-Rustic red mashed potatoes with chives
-Wasabi mashed potatoes
-Buffalo cheddar mashed potatoes
Choose 2 protein toppings, additional $4.25 each/person
-Braised beef
-Pulled BBQ pork shoulder
-Crisp prosciutto
-Peppered bacon
-Chili garlic prawns
-Buffalo chicken
-Garlic thyme chicken
-Smoked salmon
Choose 3 accompaniments, additional $2.25 each/person
-Whole roasted herbed garlic cloves
-Charred tomatillo Salsa
-Homemade hot sauce
-Charred leeks
-Roasted broccoli
-Toasted pecans
-Buttermilk bleu cheese
-Four year cheddar
-Fresh mozzarella
-Smoked cheddar
-Fresh herbs (basil, thyme or cilantro)
-Bruschetta tomatoes (dressed in balsamic, fresh basil, sea salt/black pepper)
-Pesto sauce
-Demi glace (homemade rich beef gravy)
-Country style sausage gravy
-Dijon thyme chicken au jus
Prices are valid through June 30, 2017. Please note displayed prices are for on campus department charges, residence hall vouchers, and for billing to state agencies/nonprofits conducting qualifying fundraising activities. Tax is added to billing for private party and non-state entities.

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