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All appetizers are served with paper plates, plastic silverware and napkins. China service is available for an additional fee of $2 per person. Service staff is billed at $15 per hour per server. Please see our bakery and dessert menus to add sweets to your appetizer order.

Consider the following when ordering appetizers for your event. A light reception order for receptions under one hour is three to four pieces of food per person. A moderate reception for a reception period that is over an hour is approximately five to eight pieces per person. A heavy reception order is recommended for receptions over two hours or during a meal period. This is nine or more pieces of food per person.

Cold Appetizers
Hot Appetizers


Cold Appetizers

Pepper Crusted Steak Crostini   $22.50/dozen
Pan Seared Peppered top sirloin with roasted red pepper, arugula, buttermilk bleu cheese, served on a toasted crostini.

Braised pork Crostini   $18.00/dozen
Pork shoulder braised with Mexican spices, lime, and white wine.  Topped with a roasted jalapeno sour cream and fresh pico de gallo.

Whole Fresh Strawberries  (Seasonal, Market Price, minimum order 5 dozen)
-Beautiful fresh  whole strawberries.

Dark Chocolate Strawberries (Seasonal, $15/dozen, minimum order 5 dozen)
-Fresh whole strawberries hand-dipped and covered with a generous layer of our finest dark chocolate.
Caprese Skewers  $20.50/dozen
Fresh mozzarella, basil and grape tomatoes. Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, cracked black pepper, and a balsamic reduction.

Roasted Garlic Bruschetta Crostini  $4.00/person (minimum order 20 servings)
A house-made bruschetta served with toasted slices of baguette.

Traditional Hummus  $3.00/person
-Traditional Homemade Hummus served with Toasted Pita.
Roasted Jalapeno Hummus with Cilantro and Lime  $3.25/person
-Homemade Hummus blended with Roasted Jalapeno, Cilantro and Lime. Served  with Toasted Pita.
Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Hummus  $3.25/person
-Homemade Hummus blended with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary. Served with Toasted Pita.
Melon Salad  $5.00/person
-Melon salad with prosciutto, fresh basil, topped with a honey olive oil dressing.
Freshly Made Spinach Dip  $2.25/serving (minimum order 20 servings)
-Served with crostini and crackers. 

Assorted Mixed Nuts  $14/pound (minimum order 2 pounds)
-Variety of roasted and lightly salted traditional tree nuts.

Croissant Sandwiches  $34/dozen
-Black Forest ham and cheddar, turkey and Swiss, or roast beef and pepper jack on croissants garnished with Dijonnaise. *Minimum order three dozen.

Thai Prawn lettuce Wraps  $20/dozen
-Grilled Prawns with cilantro and lime in lettuce and cabbage wraps with a coconut curry sauce.

Smoked Salmon Potato Cakes  $25/dozen (must be ordered 1 week before event)
-Charred leeks, roasted garlic, in house smoked salmon, and rosemary potato cakes topped with fresh dill and a lemon sour cream.
Pan Seared Sea Scallop Skewer  $38/dozen
-Large sea scallop pan seared with salt and cracked pepper and topped with crisp prosciutto, fried basil, and a garlic lemon aioli.

Cocktail Prawns on Ice  $25/dozen (Minimum 3 dozen)
-Large shrimp served on ice with Cocktail Sauce and Lemon.

Ahi Tuna Wontons   $22/dozen
-Blackened Ahi Tuna seared rare and served over a crisp wonton with chili spiked cucumber salad, and a citrus wasabi aioli.

Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus (Seasonal, Market Price, minimum order 4 dozen)
-Fresh asparagus tips wrapped in Prosciutto, grilled and chilled.

Hot Appetizers


Cilantro and Lime Grilled Prawns $25.00 /dozen
-Tiger Prawns (2 per skewer) marinated in fresh lime juice shallots, and cilantro, on skewers. Served with a fresh Roasted Red Pepper Coulis.
Grilled Vegetable Kabobs $18/dozen
-Chefs choice seasonal vegetables grilled and served with a complementary dipping sauce.
Chimchurri Beef Satay $26/dozen
-Top sirloin marinated with shallot, garlic and fresh herbs, grilled medium rare and served with a roasted red pepper chimi churri sauce.
Tandoori Style Chicken Kabobs $22/dozen
-Sliced with coriander, cumin, paprika, and garlic, then grilled until slightly charred. Served with a cucumber raita yogurt sauce.
Grilled Bratwurst crostini $15/dozen
-Made with caramelized onion and roasted apples
Caramelized Sweet Onion and artisan cheese pastry puffs $18/dozen
-Puff pastry baked with caramelized sweet onions and herbs. Please choose between four year aged chedder, buttermilk bleu cheese, and gruyere.
Add peppered bacon $1.00
Baked Brie en Croute $30/Platter (Serves about 20)
A triple cream brie baked in a puff pastry crust with chefs choice seasonal flavors. Comes with crostini and crackers.
Strawberry and Triple Cream Brie Pastry Puffs $18/dozen
Strawberries and Brie cheese baked with toasted walnuts and finished with sea salt and honey.
Meatballs $11/dozen (3 varieties available)
1) Teriyaki garnished with scallion, pineapple and sesame seeds
2) BBQ garnished with shredded cabbage and green onion
3) Sweet Thai Chili garnished with cilantro, basil, and sesame

Trays and Platters


Thai Platter $70 (Serves approximately 30)
-Comes with cilantro and chili garlic marinated grilled shrimp, lime and shallot marinated grilled chicken, toasted nuts, house made peanut sauce, roasted garlic, fresh cilantro, fresh basil, and a sweet chili sauce. Served with cabbage, and lettuce wraps.
Greek Platter $50 (Serves approximately 30)
-Comes with house made hummus, tzatziki, kalamta olives, roasted red pepper, charred and dressed tomato, grilled red onion, sliced cucumber, pickeled hot and sweet peppers, feta cheese and grilled pita bread.
Antipasto Tray  $160 (Serves approximately 60)
-Comes with cured ham, prosciutto, salami, hot peppers, roasted peppers, roasted garlic, house pickled seasonal vegetables, marinated mushrooms, fresh herbs, chefs' choice artisanal cheeses, and Toasted Crostini.
Artisan Cheese Board  $137.50 (Serves approximately 50)
-An assortment of  Chefs' Choice Artisanal Cheeses served with Crackers and Toasted Crostini.
Cubed Cheese Tray with Crackers (Three sizes available)
-Includes pepper jack, Swiss, and cheddar cheeses and crackers.
Small, Serves approximately 15.  $26.25
Medium, Serves approximately 35.  $52.50
Large, Serves approximately 50.  $82.50
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Tray with Crackers (Three sizes available)
-Includes Havarti, Gouda, and Muenster cheeses and crackers.
Small, Serves approximately 15.  $30
Medium, Serves approximately 35.  $70
Large, Serves approximately 50.  $95
Fresh Fruit Tray (Three sizes available)
-A fresh, seasonal array of fruit.
Small, Serves approximately 15.  $30
Medium, Serves approximately 35.  $65
Large, Serves approximately 50.  $92
Vegetable Tray with Ranch Dip (Three sizes available)
-A variety of seasonal vegetables served with ranch dip.
Small, Serves approximately 15.  $26.25
Medium, Serves approximately 35.  $61.25
Large, Serves approximately 50.  $82.50
Deli Meat Trays (Three sizes available)
-Includes ham, roast beef and turkey. Assorted specialty breads, lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, red onion slices, *Dijon mustard and mayonnaise available for an additional fee of $2.50 per person.
Small, Serves approximately 15.  $36
Medium, Serves approximately 35.  $84
Large, Serves approximately 50.  $120
Sliced Cheese Trays (Three sizes available)
-Includes Swiss, cheddar, pepper jack and provolone. This tray is designed to go with our small sliced deli meat tray and does not include crackers.
Small, Serves approximately 15.  $36
Medium, Serves approximately 35.  $84
Large, Serves approximately 50.  $120
Prices are valid through December 31, 2015. Please note displayed prices are for on campus department charges, residence hall vouchers, and for billing to state agencies.