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Career Services

Your 4 Year Career Plan

Freshman Year:

  • Register on-line with Wildcat Career Network
  • Attend Majors Fair during fall quarter
  • Explore interests, values, personality and life goals through career assessment inventories
  • Take 2-credit Career Exploration class (UNIV 103)
  • Talk to a career counselor who can help with goals, major and career choices
  • Visit Career Services for University 101 class
  • Plan an Internship/Cooperative Education (co-op) work experience for your sophomore year
  • Begin to develop leadership skills by becoming involved in student organizations and community service-learning opportunities
  • SUMMER - find a summer job related to your interests

Sophmore Year:

  • If you haven't already done so, talk with a career counselor or advisor who can help with goals, major, and career choices
  • Take two credit Career Exploration class (UNIV 103) to help with selection of major/career path
  • Research majors and related careers on-line and through informational interviews
  • Apply your interests in a community service learning project either through CWU's Civic Engagement Center or CWU's Center for Excellence in Leadership
  • Make arrangements for your fi rst co-op work experience - check out internships on-line
  • Develop leadership skills through campus or community clubs, organizations and residence halls
  • Attend pre-employment workshops on subjects such as resumé and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, and internships
  • Start building a portfolio of your accomplishments
  • Work closely with your academic advisor as you declare your major and begin your course of study
  • Attend career fairs sponsored by Career Services
  • SUMMER - find a summer job related to your interests or consider a long-term community service program or internship

Junior Year:

Goal-Setting/Cooperative Education
  • Research employment/salary trends, and employment statistics of graduates in your major
  • Research potential employers; review employment literature from businesses, government agencies, or school districts
  • Participate in a community service project to expand work experience
  • Make arrangements for your second co-op work experience, nationally or internationally
  • Attend pre-employment workshops
  • Arrange informational interviews with employers
  • Begin researching graduate school programs
  • Attend career events such as Career Quest: the Job Fair and Career Connection, to learn more about career opportunities
  • Complete internship or work in your field
  • Seek out a mentor in your chosen field
  • Write/update and upload your resumé to Wildcat Career Network
  • Draft cover letter
  • Consider an internship abroad
  • SUMMER - find summer job related to your interests or consider a long-term community service program or internship

Senior Year:

Job Search/Graduate School
  • Attend workshops on job searches, resumé writing, and interviewing
  • Take required graduate school exams early in senior year
  • Obtain and complete graduate school applications
  • Write resume and cover letter
  • Register on Wildcat Career Network job database
  • Review current job openings available online
  • Choose three to five people you want to use as references or to write a recommendation for your education placement file
  • Network and/or interview with employers at CWU career fairs
  • Consider a second co-op work experience
  • Meet with career counselor to develop job search strategy
  • Develop your contact list by using employer directories and your "network"
  • Practice videotaped mock interviews with Career Services counselors
  • Interview with employers who recruit on campus
  • Apply and inverview for positions