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Vicki Sannuto

Vicki SannutoPhone: (509) 963-1921
Office: Bouillon - 206C
Education: First year completed at the Ontario College of Art. Then a Bachelor of Physical Education, a Diploma in Rehabilitation, and a Master of Educational Psychology - Counselling from the University of Calgary.

Experience: Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counsellor, Chartered Psychologist (non-practicing) Province of Alberta, Trained in Distance Counseling, Member of the American Counseling Association, National Career Development Association, College of Alberta Psychologists.

Favorite Job: My favourite job (besides this one!) was working for a cinematographer booking film shoots around the world. This was a wonderful opportunity to be involved in all sorts of creative projects with some amazing people.

Least Favorite Job: My least favourite job was doing data entry of well sites for a petroleum company eight hours a day. I almost went crazy plus I was working on the 30th floor of a huge office tower, increasing the feelings of being trapped forever in a dead-end job.

About Me: Moved here from Alberta, Canada, in 2000 but originally from Toronto, Ontario (hence the spelling differences). I've been a bit of a gypsy in moving around and having too many jobs to even remember them all. The longest job I had was eight years and what kept me there was that it was constantly changing, demanded me to grow in many ways, and I was able to travel extensively both in Canada and the United States, despite my fear of flying!