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How does TypeFocus Careers Work?

The program assesses personality type and generates customized reports, which help people understand themselves better so they can choose more effective career strategies. TypeFocus is interactive. You add your own information, (e.g., values, skills, focus) which is stored and automatically incorporated into your reports.

Getting Started with TypeFocus

  1. You must call our office for the organizational access code: 509-963-1921
  2. Start at - click on: "New Users Start Here!"
  3. After clicking “Submit”, you can re-enter with just your email address and password.
  4. To login again - click on: "Returning Users Login!"
  5. Record your information for future use:
    Login e-mail:_______________________________
    Login password:____________________________

Discover more about yourself by taking the following three assessments and questionnaire. When you understand yourself you will make meaningful career choices.

  • Personality Assessment
    What makes you who you are and what occupations fit your strengths?
  • Interests Assessment
    What are your work interests and what occupations reflect those interests?
  • Values Assessment
    What values are important to you and what occupations share these values?
  • Success Factors Questionnaire
    Learn more about your hidden strengths and where you may want to focus.

When finished, click “Portfolio” in the menu box, to print individual or combined reports.

Need help understanding your results? Call our office today and set up an appointment with one of our Career Counselors, 509-963-1921.