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Career Services

Third Party Recruiting and User Policy

Central Washington University Career Services

Third party employment services are services provided by recruiters who recruit candidates for employment in positions with organizations other than their own.

Third party employment services are offered by:

Employment Agencies -

organizations which list positions for client organizations and refer candidates to client organizations. These agencies receive payment either from the employing organization (in which case positions are referred to as "fee paid") or from the candidate who is hired.

Temporary Agencies -

organizations which provide temporary or seasonal staffing for client organizations. Individuals work for client organizations but are paid by the agency. Some agencies offer "temp-to-hire" services in which case candidates initially hired on a temporary basis may be considered for subsequent full time, permanent employment with the client organization. 

Search Firms -

organizations which contract with clients to find and screen qualified candidates for specific positions. The fees for this service are paid by the candidate. 

Third party agencies using the CWU Career Services' services must follow the following guidelines:
  • Agencies must clearly state any fees charged to candidates.
  • Job listings posted with Career Services must clearly indicate that candidates will be working through a third party agency.
  • Position announcements submitted to Career Services must identify the client employer or at a minimum the employer's type of business, location and the position open, including the duration of employment (i.e. permanent, temporary, full-time, part-time).M
  • Third party agencies may recruit only for client organizations. Candidates' names/addresses may not be used for solicitation of employer clients except where specific arrangements have been made and agreed to by candidates in advance.
  • All vacancies listed with Career Services must be filled according to AA/EOC guidelines.

Third-Party Recruiter Contract to print for signatures.

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