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Think Green


Whether or not you believe in global warming, it is hard to ignore the fact that price increases in energy and raw materials affect all of us. There may not ultimately be sufficient resources on the globe to meet our needs unless we all step up to embrace dramatic innovations and take action, no matter how small the act. “Sustainability is one of the most critical stories of our age. We would be shirking our obligations if we ignored it.” (Fast Company, September 2008, p. 12)

“Going Green” is our opportunity to implement and support environmental sustainability initiatives and emphasize positive potential found in new ideas and new technology. Here’s some of our Career Services sustainability initiatives undertaken in the past two years:

  1. Continue to scan all Cooperative Education Learning Agreements.
  2. Investigate costs/time for scanning 30,000 placement files
  3. Print paper back to front, recycle paper, ink cartridges, other waste—
  4. Clear clutter in Barge 210 and office spaces
  5. Monthly, create one-page budget reviews and summaries to monitor all spending.
  6. Apply for soft-money & grants when opportune
  7. Utilize departmental compost
  8. Send careers related to environment to CWU Carbon Reduction Coordinators
  9. Minimize lighting
  10. Utilize MP3 player/video
  11. Invite CWU Carbon Reduction Coordinators to speak at staff meetings
  12. Move all handouts to website
  13. Advertise environmental/sustainability related jobs on
  14. Replace all computers over 4 years old

Our department will continue to identify and address future issues and the implications of globalization and trends. “Boundary-less” career development is taking place on a global scale. Seeking solutions, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is critical. Graduates will need to better understand the nature of the international workplace and be exposed to cultural competencies in order to be prepared for the college to work transition. Emerging occupations related to environmental remediation, health, medicine, alternative energy, artificial intelligence, e-products—all will be highly competitive. Students will need to look beyond major and coursework to how the energy crisis affects businesses and individual futuristic needs and occupations and see career transition as a life-long pursuit.

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