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Questions to Ask Interviewers

  1. How would you describe the most successful employees in your company?
  2. Can I expect opportunities for advancement with the company if I work hard to prove myself?
  3. If I do well, what will I be doing in five years?
  4. How will I be evaluated in my job?
  5. How often will I be evaluated?  
  6. Who supervises this position?
  7. What is the chain of command for this position?
  8. Where would my career progress from my first assignment?
  9. How does your company encourage their new hires to keep pace with advancing technologies?
  10. What characteristics do you possess that have made you so successful?
  11. What can I do within the first five years to help ensure my success within the company?
  12. What was your career path within the company?
  13. What feedback has been given to your company by recent new hires?
  14. What are advanced educational opportunities with XYZ organization (M.S. M.B.A., etc.)?
  15. May I some day invest in the company?
  16. What training would I receive, if hired?
  17. How did I do?
  18. How soon will I hear from you?
  19. What does your company want from successful candidates for this job?
  20. What would distinguish one candidate over another for this job?
  21. How do I prove myself and my commitment to the company?
  22. When would you want me to start in this position?
  23. Does your company provide any financial assistance for further education?
  24. Are salary adjustments geared to the cost of living or job performance?
  25. What projects are in the development stage right now?
  26. Do you have plans for expansion?
  27. Have you cut your staff in the last three years?
  28. Do you offer flextime?
  29. Is your company environmentally conscious? In what ways?
  30. What is the financial stability of this company?
  31. What future changes do you see for this company?
  32. Who are your competitors?
  33. What plans does the company have for becoming more competitive in this industry?
  34. What makes your company different from others?
  35. Why did you accept work with this company?
  36. Why do you continue to work for XYZ organization?
  37. What do you like most (or least) about your company?
  38. Would you want your daughter/son to work for this company, too?
  39. What are you really hiring me to accomplish?
  40. If I were hired by your organization for this position, what duties would I be performing?
  41. What will be expected of me in this position?
  42. How does my job fit with the mission of the organization, company performance, or profitability?
  43. How much responsibility will I have?
  44. Why is this job important to you?
  45. What do you wish you knew about the company before you started?
  46. Will I be on a team, or in a group?
  47. How much freedom will I be given to solve problems with my own methods?
  48. What help is available to me when my methods fail?
  49. Is this a new position?
  50. What minority programs do you have?
  51. What differentiates your company from your competition?
  52. Do you get repeat business from your customers?
  53. What are the ethical and environmental philosophies of your company?
  54. What has been the history of turnover among recent hires in the company?
  55. What is this company's philosophy toward its employees?
  56. What is the relationship of this organization to the local community?
  57. What can I do with my education and training for your company?
  58. What values are sacred to this company?
  59. How mobile can I be?
  60. Has the company thought of going in the direction of . . .?
  61. What impact will the Clear Air legislation (or other current topic) have on the company?
  62. What impact did your recent service (or logo, product, market blitz, etc.) change have on your business?
  63. What do you see as the biggest areas of needed improvement within the company?
  64. What significant changes has the company experienced in the past year?
  65. What are short- and long-term strategic directions of the company?
  66. What have been the successes (or failures) of the company?
  67. What is the company doing to change for success in this changing global economy?
  68. What are the company's goals for the future?
  69. What is the greatest challenge, from your perspective, that the organization faces during the next year?
  70. What is the largest single problem facing your staff (department) now?
  71. How much authority will I have over decisions?
  72. Do you fill positions from the outside or promote from within first?
  73. What characteristics do the achievers in this company seem to share?

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