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Placement File Services For Educators

IMPORTANT: Placement File Information for Education Majors

As of August 2, 2016, our long-standing placement files system was retired. Currently active placement files will remain maintained and active for those students that have them and graduated as of June 2016.  New placement files will not be opened after August 2, 2016. 


There are two reasons. First, the majority of districts have online application systems, complete with a letter request system if they require confidential letters of recommendation. Otherwise, those systems expect the applicant to upload all information themselves. Second, very few students use placement files, and fewer still update their files with current information.  Therefore, we are following suit with other Washington universities and colleges and moving to self-managed credentials.

What do I do now?   

If you have a signed Options form on file with us, you can still submit your letters of reference for your file.  You must have graduated as of June 2016 at the latest.  We will continue to send placement files to school districts upon request. 

If you graduated after June 2016 and should a district require confidential letters of recommendation and not have a letter request system in place, you might consider opening a new account with an independent credential service provider such as ChronicleVitae. That account and its maintenance will be under your sole control and responsibility.

What does this mean for cooperating teachers, student teaching supervisors, and faculty members?

If you do not have an Options form on file with us as of June 2016, all letters of recommendation requested by you from cooperating teachers, student teaching supervisors, and faculty members should be sent directly to you rather than to Career Services.

Can students still get help and advice on creating and maintaining their placement file?

ABSOLUTELY. We strongly encourage undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni to ask any questions about self-managed credential files to call our office at 509.963.1921 or email for assistance.  

Placement File Forms

Teacher and Education Administrator graduates are urged to establish a Placement File. A placement file contains references to support your application for a position, they DO NOT contain your Transcripts. Your placement file is housed permanently in the Career Services office. Prospective employers in education use the placement file as part of the K-12 application process.


To create a new placement file:
  1. Complete and submit the Options Form
  2. Request references pertinent to your employment:
  3. Set up an account with the Wildcat Career Network. You may already have an account in the Wildcat Career Network - please contact Career Services if you are not sure.


To update your file: You may wish to request new or updated references (see links above) if it has been a few years since you last updated your file. Please contact us if you would like to know which references are in your file or to send your file.


Students who graduate within the Placement File Fee Year: October 1 - September 30, will receive 5 complimentary sends that must be used by Sept 30th of the placement file year. Additional sends are $10.00 each. CWU Alumni and students receiving certification only (and not a Bachelors degree) must pay $10.00 per send. Overnight and International sends are $17.00 each.

A complete file and payment is required before your file can be sent. For recent grads this will include your final Student Teaching Evaluation and at least two references. Call us(509.963.1921) between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to pay by Debit/Credit or send a check payable to CWU Career Services.

Fees are subject to change. Please check with us to determine the correct fee payment.

Important Information for Teaching Candidates

  • Certification: Application for Certification/Graduation is through the Certification Office (509.963.2661) in Black Hall. A temporary teaching permit will be mailed to you following graduation or completion of your program. If you plan on teaching in another state, contact the appropriate state certification office for their application procedures.
  • Transcripts: Transcripts are requested through the Office of the Registrar (509.963.3030) in Mitchell Hall. Transcripts are sent directly to you or the prospective employer. Transcripts are not included in your CWU Educator Placement File.

Education Clubs

Employment Opportunities

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The NASDTEC Directory contains information about the teacher education and certification personnel in all 50 states, the US Possessions, and the Canadian provinces.
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ECIS creates opportunity for education and dialogue, encourages alliances with other organizations, and acts as a catalyst for the advancement of international education.
OSPI works with the states school districts to administer basic education programs and implement education reform. Provides information on certification, testing and employment. 
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