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Haley Matz, Student of the Quarter, Fall 2010

Haley Matz

Student of the Quarter, Fall 2010
Interdisciplinary Studies Major
Comcast Arena at Evere

Haley Matz transferred from Everett Community College and graduated from Central at the end of Winter Quarter 2011. She did her Fall Quarter internship in Guest Services at the Comcast Arena at Everett, following her Summer Quarter internship in the Group Sales department at the arena. Having spent two quarters as an intern, Haley was offered a position with the Comcast Arena at Everett. Haley used her internships to learn about her employer, and to learn managerial skills that she is now using on a daily basis. Her internships also taught her about the entertainment business, venue operations, and event planning.

“I was able to experience so many things hands on, and was given a lot of responsibility so I could really see what it is like to do this job.” – Haley Matz

“I have worked with and supervised countless interns during my career…. I can honestly say that I have never come across a student as driven, responsible or capable as Haley…. What Haley has been able to achieve here at Comcast Arena should be the goal of all interns in the future and is a perfect capstone for her degree.” -Geoff Weatherbie, Guest Services Manager, Comcast Arena Everett

Vicki Taylor, Student of the Quarter, Summer 2010

Vicki Taylor

Student of the Quarter, Spring 2010
Family & Consumer Sciences Major
Chelan High School

Vicki Taylor has worked for the Lake Chelan School District since 1982 as a registered nurse and high school teacher. This year, she serves as the school district’s Career and Technical Education Director. Vicki did her internship as part of the Administrative Internship Program, and completed her Master of Science degree through CWU in August 2010.

“The Cooperative Education career internship was an extremely valuable experience for me because it provided me with the opportunity to acquire leadership experience in my field of study, while still being a student. I was able to learn from the leaders in my school, and then apply what I learned in my new role this year as the Lake Chelan School District’s Career and Technical Education Director.” – Vicki Taylor

"It is obvious that Vicki Taylor is an exceptional leader. She has accomplished in one year, what would take many people three to five years. Our CTE program went from a ‘weak link’ in our school, to a bright spot overnight as a result of Vicki’s leadership. In my twenty plus years as an educator, Vicki Taylor is one of the finest people I have ever worked with.” – Barry DePaoli, Principal, Chelan High School

Tim Jeffris, Student of the Quarter, Spring 2010

Tim Jeffris

Student of the Quarter, Spring 2010
Biology Major
Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

Tim Jeffris is majoring in Biology at Central Washington University. He transferred from Wenatchee Valley College in 2008 with his A.A. Tim expects to graduate with a B.S. in Biology with an Ecology specialization in December 2010. He hopes to have a career in Fisheries Biology when he graduates.

Tim graduated from Cashmere High School in 2006. His love of the outdoors inspired him to want to have a career in biology. Tim became particularly interested in fisheries biology as a student at CWU. In spring 2010, Tim interned with Mid-Columbia Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring self-sustaining populations of salmon and steelhead through stream restoration, acquisition and protection of fish habitat.

During his internship, Tim was able to gain valuable experience for his future career. He was able to do field surveys with local biologists from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Yakama Nation, as well as other organizations. Tim was also able to learn a little of the office work of a biologist, such as filling out grant applications and work permits. Tim will be working for Mid-Columbia Fisheries again during fall quarter 2010.

"It is clear that he is passionate about his chosen field, and eager to learn as much as he can about the profession.” – Rebecca Wassell, Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

"Tim’s work has also demonstrated the value of internships to our Board of Directors and staff. Based on this positive experience, we look forward to our next Central Washington University intern…." – Margaret Neuman, Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group


Travis Gnehm

Travis Gnehm

Student of the Quarter, Winter 2010
Law and Justice Major
City of Renton Police Department
and Bellevue Police Department

Travis Gnehm is majoring in Law & Justice at Central Washington University on the Des Moines (WA) campus. He transferred there from Bellevue College in 2009 with an AA, and he expects to graduate from CWU with a BA in early 2011. When Travis graduates, he wants to continue his career in law enforcement as a municipal Police Officer.

In 2007, Travis became interested in law enforcement while a senior at Bellevue Christian High School. He completed the Bellevue Police Citizen Academy, and this inspired him to volunteer as a Community Police Station Assistant at the Bellevue Police Factoria Substation in April of 2008. For several hours every week, Travis operates the substation by answering phone calls, addressing the needs of citizens, and assisting the station’s Officer, Rob Wood. Travis says that volunteering for Bellevue Police Department has given him an opportunity to serve his community and gain the experience of working in an internationally accredited agency. In winter of 2010, Travis earned college credits in this position though the Cooperative Education Program, by studying techniques in community policing used by Bellevue PD.

Shortly after starting the volunteer position at Bellevue PD, Travis was also hired as a Police Cadet with the City of Renton Police Department in July of 2008. Being a Cadet is similar to being an intern: Cadets learn about law enforcement by assisting various sections of the Department with tasks, such as jail-visitation or traffic control for community events. During the 2010 winter quarter, Cadet Gnehm received college credits for his involvement with the Patrol Services Division. Among his contributions, he coordinated the implementation of a traffic safety program called ‘Get With It and Click It!’ which improved seatbelt-compliance among teenagers in the Renton School District. The program has been recognized for its success by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. Travis credits these accomplishments to the teamwork of his coworkers, the guidance from his superiors, and the support from community-partners. He says that the traffic program is just one of many community programs by the Renton Police Department, which shows the Department’s regional leadership in law enforcement.

While Travis is very proud of these accomplishments, he wants to keep his future career in perspective. “Last winter was a very hard time for law enforcement,” he says, “In just three months, a total of six officers were assassinated. The assassinations happened less than 50 miles away from where I work every day.” Travis attended all of the fallen officers’ memorials to honor their lives and sacrifices.

Travis went on to receive the Target Zero Traffic Award from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

"It is difficult for me to believe that there is a more deserving candidate to receive this award. I have almost twenty years of law enforcement service and I am not easily impressed. Travis Gnehm impresses me." – Sergeant Craig W. Sjolin, Renton Police Department

"Travis has shown himself capable of defining what is really needed and helping people who need it.” – Rob E. Wood, Bellevue Police Department

Alicia Adiele, Student of the Quarter, Summer 2009

Alicia Adiele

Student of the Quarter, Summer 2009
Public Health Major
Northwest Hospital & Medical Center

Alicia's internship took place in the Community Screening and Outreach Department at Northwest Hospital, where they take free health and education services into the community. There, Alicia provided office support and helped to plan and staff community events. She acted as a liaison between Northwest Hospital and senior centers. Alicia met with staff and patients at seven separate wellness clinics, and helped plan and implement community outreach programs.

Alicia helped to re-create a Walking Program at one of the outreach sites, Four Freedoms. By adjusting the program to include group warm-ups (including balance exercises), reminders and set times for starting, participation doubled for the second session. She applied her gifts to creatively expand the program by providing a sustainable structure to the residents' walking program. She also walked with them, listening to their stories, encouraging them, and learning from them. The Walking Program helped the residents to come together as a community. Being engaged with the residents was the epitome of her internship experience.

"I did not think I would grow and learn as much as I did from this experience and I would not trade my time here for anything." - Alicia Adiele

"Her interest and immediate investment in both the program and the patients we serve renewed staff resolve and stimulated creativity at a time when budget challenges and corporate upheavals threatened to rescind our best efforts." - Deborah Butler, Northwest Hospital & Medical Center

"Her new ideas and fresh perspective have also been a valuable asset in the development of this new program." - Cheryl Fink, RN, Northwest Hospital & Medical Center

Shanda Campbell, Student of the Quarter, Spring 2009

Shanda Campbell

Student of the Quarter, Spring 2009
Public Health, Pre-Nursing Specialization
Swedish Medical Center

Shanda recently gradated from Central with her bachelor's degree in Public Health, with a specialization in Pre-Nursing. She plans to go to nursing school next year. She is looking forward to it, and says that it feels good to be accomplishing her goals. Shanda has always wanted to be a maternity nurse, but her recent internship at Swedish Cancer Institute has made her consider oncology as a great fit. She had a very rewarding experience working with cancer patients.

In her internship, Shanda:

  • Coordinated drop in clinics for respirator fittings
  • Coordinated the summer Patient Education Update publication
  • Assisted in hosting a site visit from Providnece St. Peter's oncology medical directors
  • Developed collateral materials to benefie Northwest Hope & Healing
  • Worked with medical experts to coordinate development of patient education podcasts
  • Staffed the Cancer Education Center, working with cancer patients, family members, and caregivers

"Shanda has displayed professionalism beyond her hears, she is eager to take on new work when multiple deadlines and exams are already thrust upon her, she delivers quality work that far exceeds expectations and is timely in her delivery and completion of projects. Her upbeat attitude makes her a pleasure to work with." - Barbara Kollar, Swedish Cancer Institute

Sarah Murphy, Winner of the Winter 2009 Partnership in Excellence Student of the Quarter Award

Sarah Murphy

Student of the Quarter, Winter 2009
DSHS Division of Children and Family Services

Sarah grew up in Woodinville WA, and attended CWU from Fall of 2005 to Winter of 2009.  She majored in Sociology, with a concentration in Social Services. She is currently working in her field of study, at a case management firm in Tacoma.  She credits her year long internship at Child Protective Services with helping her find what she wanted to do with her life.

"[Ms. Murphy] has proven herself as an invaluable asset to the Ellensburg CPS team.... She has proven herself to be dependable and innately talented when it comes to working with children and families, specially during situations that have the potential to become emotionally traumatic.... All of these situations require emotional and professional maturity which Ms. Murphy has demonstrated with clarity over the past year." -- Laressa M. Fourre, Social Worker IIIing situations that have the potential to become emotionally traumatic.... All of these situations require emotional and professional maturity which Ms. Murphy has demonstrated with clarity over the past year." -- Laressa M. Fourre, Social Worker III

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