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Faculty Advisor of the Quarter, Fall 2011

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Prof. Elizabeth "Libby" Street

Faculty Advisor of the Quarter, Fall 2011
Psychology Department


Having been raised in the hills of West Virginia, Dr. Elizabeth (Libby) Street discovered her passion for teaching and learning while a student at West Virginia University, studying math education. While a junior, she took a job working on a research project evaluating the newly funded Community Action Projects, which led to six weeks interviewing the parents of Head Start children in their homes. Amazed by and curious about the range of resilience she saw in parents and children, she returned to WVU to finish her bachelor’s degree, following it with master’s and doctoral degrees in education psychology.

After finishing her doctoral coursework, Dr. Street worked for six years in programs for children and adolescents with learning and behavior problems, and then took her first college teaching position at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Dr. Street came to Central Washington University in 1979, starting in the special education division of the Department of Education. In 1983, she took a tenure-track position in the Psychology Department. In 2000, Dr. Street was asked to serve as special assistant to the university president, a position she held for ten years, and through several title changes. When she returned to teaching in 2010, the needs of the department meant that she needed to become a board certified behavior analyst, which she did in September of that year, passing the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Exam. 

Dr. Street has announced her intention to retire from the University this June, to join her husband Warren who, she says, makes retirement look very good! Together she and Warren have served the university for 75 years.  She notes that one of the benefits of returning to a full time faculty position has been working so closely with some of the best and brightest students from the state, nation, and – in fact – the world.

"It's been the best possible way to end my career and this award is icing on the cake. I am especially grateful to Josh Jones for nominating me and to the selection committee for selecting me." - Libby Street

“There have been countless times that myself and other students have found ourselves in difficult times with trying to figure out our course loads, trying to enroll in credits where certain professors were unwilling to help and/or said that it could not be done, seeking professional advice, or needing help with general questions. No matter the situation, Dr. Street made it a point to do everything she could to resolve any problem we may have had.” - Joshua Jones, nominating student

Prof. Delores (Kandee) Cleary, Faculty Advisor of the Quarter, Winter, 2011

Prof. Delores (Kandee) Cleary

Faculty Advisor of the Quarter, Winter 2011
Sociology Department

Delores (Kandee) Cleary is an alumna of CWU, with a BA/BS in Sociology who received her doctorate in Sociology from Washington State University. She serves as the Chair of Sociology, Inclusivity Coordinator for the President, and as a Professor. Her interests include social justice, race and ethnicity, and social control.

“This experience was much more … credits for my major. [It] has made me more aware of my surroundings… who I am, what I am capable of, and how to assist groups that might need support. But I have also learned that there are many things I am not fully aware of and this has helped me develop a greater appreciation for the resources, and… has helped me become a more sensitized individual.” -- Juila Veilleux, nominating student

Prof. Robert Moore, Faculty Advisor of the Quarter, Fall 2010

Prof. Robert Moore

Faculty Advisor of the Quarter, Fall 2010
Law and Justice Department

Robert Moore is a full-time Senior Lecturer in the Law and Justice Department of Central Washington University where he has worked full-time since the fall of 2004, starting as an adjunct in 1991. Prior to his employment with CWU, he worked for the Washington State Department of Corrections in various capacities, retiring as a Regional Administrator. Having previously held the positions of Superintendent of four Washington prisons and Assistant Director of Community Corrections, Robert brings a diversity of experience to his teaching at both the Lynnwood and Des Moines Centers.

“With the help and support from Bob Moore, I had the ability to enhance my learning experience and get the most out of it. Ultimately, I could not have had such a triumphant experience without Bob Moore as a teacher, a friend and a support system.” – Erica Redding, nominating student

Prof. Jim Nimnicht, Faculty Advisor of the Quarter, Spring 2010

Prof. Jim Nimnicht

Faculty Advisor of the Quarter, Spring 2010
Management Department

Dr. James Nimnicht is the senior professor in Human Resource Management and has taught for CWU since 1988. He is known to set high standards for his students and then do everything possible to help them achieve those standards.

Dr. Nimnicht has been awarded numerous teaching awards such as Distinguished Professor of the University for Teaching at CWU and named Professor of the Year for Washington State by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and by the Washington State Senate. He is the only two-time winner of the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation Faculty Advisor of the Year Award. Dr. Nimnicht is an active researcher with a passion for teaching.

“Dr. Nimnicht wants to make sure that students get the most out of their internship opportunity and he wants to hear about how it is going, how the students are able to manage their new responsibilities, and wants to ensure the internship is appropriate for the goals and learning objectives determined at the beginning of the internship. It is clear to those that know him that Dr. Nimnicht goes out of his way to provide time and help to his students, although I am sure he does not think of it as going out of the way.” – Katelyn Muir, nominating student

Prof. David Majsterek

Prof. David Majsterek

Faculty Advisor of the Quarter, Winter 2010
Department of Language, Literacy & Special Education

Dr. Majsterek began his teaching career in Cleveland, Ohio as a general-education middle-school teacher. Following his 2-year tour of duty in the US Army, David pursued a master's degree in special education at University of New Mexico. His focus was on students with learning disabilities and behavior disorders. Upon completions of this program, he moved with his wife to Libby, Montana in 1974 where he taught in one of the first resource rooms in the state.

During his 11 years of teaching, Majsterek pursued a doctorate in special education while on a school district-supported sabbatical. The New Mexico State University awarded him a Doctorate of Education in 1986. He and his family moved back to Ohio that year where he assumed college teaching at Bowling Green State University. Courses in mainstreaming, behavior management, and supervision of student teachers constituted his duties. During the 'BGSU years,' Majsterek became involved in the Council for Learning disabilities, a relationship he still maintains.

In 1992 the west beckoned the Majstereks, "return." Central Washington University has been Dave's professional home since that time. He is proud to be a part of a recognized program for preparing future special educators. His instructional duties ranged from courses in mainstreaming, early childhood curricula, transitioning from school to adult life, and issues related special education.

The current 'Co-operative Education Partnership In Excellence' award ranks high in Majsterek's opinion because " reflects a relationship between future special educators and CWU.' Given the quality of the special education program, participating in the final stage when 'teachers' step out into the profession. Being able to experience this quality as a practicum supervisor confirms that CWU special education preparation is second to none.

“Dr. Majsterek is an amazing professor whose contributions have been invaluable to the education program at Central Washington University. The entire education system of the state of Washington has benefited as a result of his labors on behalf of hundreds of future educators during his tenure.” – Jennifer Wilkinson, nominating student

Prof. Karen Martinis, winner of the Winter 2009 Partnership in Excellence Faculty of the Quarter award

Prof. Karen Martinis

Faculty Advisor of the Quarter, Winter 2009
Accounting Department

Professor Martinis has a BS from Central Washington University and an MBS from the University of Puget Sound.  Professor Martinis has over 25 years' experience in accounting.  She has worked at Arthur Anderson & Co.  and Seattle Central Community College before coming to CWU.  Professor Martinis is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants, and the American Accounting Association.  Professor Martinis has been an advisor for the Accounting Club.  She is the coordinator for the Accounting Club's annual Yakima recruiting banquet. 

Outside of the classroom, Professor Martinis has been Treasurer for the Ellenburg Cross-Country Ski Club, she has been the Accountant for Habitat for Humanity - Ellensburg Area, and has been a member of the Finance Committee of Hospice Friends - Ellensburg.

"I was lost when I began preparing the paperwork for this internship. Luckily, Professor Martinis clarified everything and made the process simple. Professor Martinis was always eager to help me and she was happy to take time out of her schedule to answer any of my questions.  My internship experience would not have been as good without Professor Martinis's help."  -- Joseph Duncan

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