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Career Services

Nathaniel Wallace

Education: BA in Law and Justice from Central Washington University, with a minor in Psychology.

Experience: I have had the pleasure of working for a lot of exciting companies including Parke Creek Community Facility, Trader Joes, T-Mobile, Special Treatment Opportunity Programming, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Favorite Job: My current job. Working for my alma mater “THE” Central Washington University is a real blessing. I really enjoy the group of people that I work with. The services that we provide for our Wildcat family is extremely helpful during this season of transition. Prior to this, my favorite job was working at Parke Creek Community Facility. While at Parke Creek, I was fortunate to work with youth struggling with co-occurring disorders from very similar backgrounds as myself. The experience was indeed rewarding.

Least Favorite Job: Security Officer on the weekend. My shift consisted of sitting in a kiosk the size of a handicap bathroom stall for twelve hours a day. It was uneventful and had very little interaction with people.

About Me: Growing up in Compton California, the idea of attending college seemed implausible. The summer before graduating high school, I visited my sister in the state of Washington and I fell in love. After graduating high school I decided to relocate to Washington state. After a few courses taken at Highline and Bellevue CC; by divine direction I landed at Central Washington University. My relational personality enjoys helping people believe in themselves. Showing them how to tap into their inner strength. We all got to where we are now, by having one or several people believing in our potential. I am really excited and optimistic about the opportunities that await me as I embark on this journey of working in Career Services.

“Difficulties break some men but make others”     -Nelson Mandela