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Career Services Online Workshops & Events

As online programming is scheduled, we will update this page with relevant links and information, so please check back. 

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Winter 2021 Online Workshops & Events: 

Links will be added to each listing by the date of the workshop/event. See the bottom of the page for events that have already passed. Videos of these will be linked when available. 

For 2021 Educator Recruitment information, please go to our Ed Events page.

Plotting Your Career
January 20, 6-7pm
Unsure of which major to choose or a career path to follow? Find out about strategies to help you explore and decide.
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Intro to Career Services
January 21, 4:30-5pm
Do you know all the things that Career Services can offer you to support your academic and career development? This workshop is an overview of all the things we provide.
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LAJ Career Development Workshop, pt. 2
January 26, 3:30-5pm
The application process for government jobs, graduate school and federal internships can be intimidating.  In this workshop you will learn how to build a government focused resume as well as how to collect letters of recommendations and references.  Presented by Law and Justice (LAJ) and Career Services.
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Meeting ID: 875 8221 9468
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Resume/Cover Letter Basics
January 26, 4-5pm
Learn the basics of resume and cover letter writing.
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Meeting ID: 812 6870 1674
Passcode: 401226

Building Career Connections through Informational Interviewing
January 27, 4-5pm
According to a National Association of Colleges & Employers recent study, more than nine out of 10 students who had internships during college engaged in networking with business professionals via informational interviews. Find out how you, too, can practice in this valuable networking activity.

Internships 101
January 28, 2-3pm
Get experience!  Students and faculty will learn about the internship process for academic credit.   

ITAM Administrative Management Employer Panel
February 2, 6-7pm
Learn about opportunities in the Administrative Management and Project Management field and what hiring managers are looking for in job candidates.earn about opportunities in the Administrative Management field and what hiring managers are looking for in job candidates.
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Meeting ID: 831 1893 3930
Passcode: 942235

How to Build a Better Resume
February 2, 6-7pm
Learn the process of building and formatting a great resume in Microsoft Word that you can easily edit, update and adapt to different situations

Internships 101
February 8, 4-5pm
Get experience!  Students and faculty will learn about the internship process for academic credit.

Ace the Interview
February 9, 4-5pm
A workshop to introduce you to the fundamentals of interviewing and give you the skills and resources to ace the interview.
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Managing Your Brand
February 10, 6-7pm
The focus of this workshop is to answer the following questions: What is a brand? How can I create one? Where and how do I use it?
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What is Your COVID Story Going to Be?
February 11, 5-6pm
During the current pandemic, most students have had to adjust much of what they do in preparing for their careers. This workshop will give you some ideas and examples of how to make the best of this situation. Interviewers are beginning to ask job applicants, ‘What did you do during COVID?’ and it would be good to show your ability to adapt to adversity.
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Tips on Conducting a Virtual Interview
February 17, 4-5pm
Most interviews are occurring online currently and this workshop will provide tips and strategies on how to adjust to interviewing online.  Examples are: preparing your interview environment, tech tips, and a couple of advantages to online interviewing.
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Articulating Your Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities to Potential Employers
February 18, 6-7pm
It’s one thing to relate in your resume what you did in previous roles, quite another to articulate how, why, where, when, and for whom you did it, and to quantify the benefiting results you provided. Learn how to write strong bulleted descriptive statements that will make you stand out from other applicants for even the most competitive positions.

Occupations in Demand: Employment statistics for our state and region
February 23, 4-5pm
Michelle Smith from the South Central Workforce Council will discuss occupations in demand, projections, and ways to search for job opportunities.
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Meeting ID: 897 4805 8518
Passcode: 816364

Resumes for Results
February 24, 6-7pm
A good resume is more than a lot of information thrown onto a piece of paper. Find out about how to format a resume and what to include to make it work for you.
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Making the Most of Your College Experience
February 25, 5-6pm
While you can just focus on your classes, there are many other ways to gain experiences, practice skills, and prepare yourself for your career. The more you do, the more likely you will stand out as a strong job candidate when it is time to launch your career.
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Recent Workshops- Videos posted here once available

Discover Your Holland Personality Code
September 30, 4-5pm
Join Career Services to investigate your personality type and look for clues as to what majors might be a good fit through a tour of the Holland Theme Codes. The Holland Code is a research-based way of looking at how personality relates to work environments and majors. You will also be directed to a more in-depth career assessment to get your Holland Code.
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Behavior-based Interviewing
October 8, 5-6pm
What is behavioral interviewing and how do I prepare for it?  This workshop is designed to help you understand how to be ready for this style of interviewing.

ITAM Retail Technology Management Employer Panel
November 2, 4-5pm
Join us and learn about the variety of careers available in Retail Tech. Management from experts in the field where technology and retail meet.  Get insider knowledge about working at organizations like Starbucks, Nordstrom, REI, lululemon and Microsoft.  Hosted by ITAM and Career Services.

Introduction to Career Services
November 3, 5-5:30pm
Do you know all the things that Career Services can offer you to support your academic and career development? This workshop is an overview of all the things we can provide to you.

Federal Careers Employer Panel
November 4, 4-5pm
Interested in career opportunities in the Federal Government?  Learn from a panel of 4 federal employees about what type of opportunities are available, hiring pathways/ internships, benefits and how to navigate the USA Jobs website to find your dream career.  There will be a variety of careers represented on the panel. This online workshop is open and relevant to all majors.  Hosted by LAJ and Career Services.

LAJ Career Development Workshop, pt. 1
January 12, 3:30-5pm
Whether you are applying for graduate school, government jobs or internship opportunities, the application process often requires candidates to submit an Objective and Purpose Statement.  Defining your KSA's (knowledge, skills, and abilities) is a key step in creating strong Objective and Purpose Statement.  Presented by Law and Justice (LAJ) and Career Services.

Mental Health & Your Career
January 12, 4-5pm
Learn how someone’s career can directly impact their mental health, some tricks for dealing with the virtual world, and mental health management strategies.

Mastering LinkedIn
January 13, 4-5pm
Find out how and why to use LinkedIn to get ahead.

Learning the Lingo & Building Your Brand
January 14, 4-5pm
Tired of not knowing what to put on your resume or how to list it? Using too many filler words like “hard Working”? Feeling that your resume is too generic or too basic? Then this is the workshop for you! Join us to learn strategies to help you hone your personal professional branding and identify the technical terminology and skills that will help you stand out from the crowd in your job search efforts.

Tips for Landing Your Dream Job
January 19, 4-5pm
General interview tips and an overview on how to answer common interview questions.

ITAM Emerging Tech Employer Panel
January 19, 4-5pm
Learn about jobs in Data/ Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) field from IT professionals.

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