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Below you can find resources on how and where to find jobs and internships, or how to gain career experience. There is also a lot of information on internships and jobs.


Job Search

Do you want to enter the job market and develop yourself as a business ready professional? Click here to find several resources on how to get a job, where to start looking, and how to market yourself to employers. 


Wildcat Career Network

Want to get a job, internship, or other career experience, but have no place to start? The Wildcat Career Network is an amazing resource that helps students with any level of experience find jobs, improve their resume, cover letter, interviewing skills, and career readiness. There are tools where employers can actually search for students by resume, so it really is a fantastic resource. And it's completely free!


Cooperative Education And Internships

The Cooperative Education (Co-op) program will help you to integrate classroom study with actual work experience, giving you the opportunity to combine school, career, social life, and personal growth. Click here to learn more about the Co-op and Internship program.


International Internships

Interested in interning and gaining career experience outside of the country? Want to develop your professional skills to include an intercultural perspective? Click here to get started with interning and gaining work experience outside of the United States.


Diversity In The Workplace

Diversity is a broad term that covers many different groups of people. That which makes us unique should be celebrated and shared. However, due to occasional discrimination, companies can make it difficult for people to get jobs. Click here to find many different resources and information regarding diversity in the workplace. 

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