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Graduate School Resources

Below, you can find information on whether graduate school is right for you. There are many different resources, such as information on how to consider and prepare for graduate schooling, in addition to some general information and examples of graduate school cover letters.


Graduate School Preperation

Getting into graduate school can be an exciting and challenging process. We suggest that you work with your major advisor and the CWU Writing Center to make sure your application materials are in good order. Click here to view valuable resources to consider before graduate school.

Considering Graduate School

Graduate school is a big commitment. Click here to find a large list of several different factors to consider before fully agreeing to start graduate school.

Glossary Of Grad School Terms

Graduate school is often unfamiliar and filled with a lot of big terms that most people would never have thought exist. Click here to find a list of every pertinent grad school term and its definition.

Grad School FAQs

Should I attend graduate school? Do I want to go to graduate school? What even is graduate school? For all your graduate school questions and answers, click here. We have assembled a list of Frequently Asked Questions anyone considering graduate school would ask, and we have provided very in depth answers to said questions. 

Grad School Timeline

Starting your senior year spring or summer, graduate school is an extensive and full year of work just to get started. Specialized schools such as schools of business, law, or medicine, take even more time and are even more extensive. Click here to get a good bearing on your timeline as a graduate school student.

How To Write A Curriculum Vitae

Curricula vitae are simply a specific sort of resume, the style preferred by candidates for medical, academic, teaching and research positions. Most of these candidates have an educational background directly related to the positions they seek, so education is always featured first. Click here to find more information on the differences between curricula vitae and resumes, and how to write a strong and professional vitae.

CV Grad School Example

CV's are a good way to demonstrate your experience and who you are, especially when applying to graduate school. Click here to see an example of a good graduate school application CV.

CV 1st Professional Job Example

Similar to an application, you want your professional CV to be slightly different than the typical undergraduate resume. Click here to view a professsional CV, formatted for when you go to apply for jobs after finishing your graduate studies.

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