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Diversity in the Workplace

General Information FAQ's 

Where can I find websites that list companies that have a commitment to diversity?

Come in to Career Services. We have several resources that can direct you to companies that value diversity in their workplace. 

Try these sites:


Should I reveal my "diversity" on a resume?

That depends on the job you are applying to. Can you do the job duties without requiring special accommodation? Would some of your previous experiences help you land the job? Should you reveal your political or religious affiliations? Consider your audience. Work on highlighting your skills and downplay potential controversial affiliations.
Remember, the purpose of the resume is to get you to an interview. The interview is your opportunity to tell an employer what you can do for them as well as find out if this is a job you really want.

Are there questions employers cannot ask me?

Yes, come into our office and get a list of illegal questions employers may ask. "Illegal questions" probes for information that the interviewer has no right to know and is, of course, totally inappropriate. Employers are constantly searching for information that will either make you their ideal finalist, or eliminate you from the competition. Sometimes they just don't think about what they are asking.
Candidates must demonstrate competency and good fit for the job before the issue of disclosures even arises. Then consider what disclosures need to be made. Disclosing your race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, or other personal information is your decision. The focus of the interview should be on your skills and abilities to do the job.
The challenge is, what if they do ask? You can answer the question if you feel comfortable with that. You could try and understand the reason behind their question by asking for clarification. For example, if you are an ethnic minority and they ask, "What are you?" You could simply say, "Why is this important to know?" Remember that some employers are trying to recruit from diverse groups so it helps if you do your homework and know if this is an appropriate time to disclose this information. Be honest, tactful, and professional.

What are some good job search boards that focus on diversity?

There are many job search boards on the internet and these are just a sample. Using the internet is just one way of finding a job. Don't forget to ask your friends, family, and fellow students for potential job contacts. Go to career fairs. Career Services hosts a few over the year and you are also invited to fairs at other colleges and universities. Check out our Wildcat Career Network. Consider doing an internship as they can often lead to a permanent position. local information for the Seattle area for Hispanic and bilingual individuals It has jobs, chat rooms, diversity news, resume posting, search agents, and featured employers. Lots of information including information on companies
If you have additional websites related to diversity that we can add to this page, please let us know at

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