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I am a junior at Central Washington University. I came to Ellensburg from Federal Way, WA and am majoring in Music Education with a choral specialization. When I graduate, my plan is to become a high school choir director at a low income school.

Music is definitely a great passion of mine, but it is not my only one. I also love to meet new people, socialize (a lot), and do almost anything that is team oriented. I love sports, though I tend to be better at just watching and commentating, and I love staying active through running, hiking, and playing volleyball.

I am very excited to be working here at the Career Services on campus as it greatly resembles my favorite previous job as a writing consultant. When I was in community college I worked as a writing consultant in the Writing Center and got so spend my hours talking with and helping people to improve their writings. Working at the Career Services gives me even more opportunities to help my peers through one-on-one conversation and team work.


I am currently a senior here at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA.  I was born and raised on Oahu, HI and moved to Washington to pursue a higher education as a double major in Family Studies and Psychology. Family Studies allows me to partake in courses about communication and family dynamics using a systems framework. Psychology allows me to study the individual and the scope of the brain. I hope to graduate this Spring and move on to pursue a Ph.D in Behavioral Neuroscience.

I am president of the Family Studies club, but also enjoy riding horses, fishing, listening to country music and watching football. I currently take care of 3 horses, 2 dogs, 10 pheasants and 25 chickens on a ranch in Kittitas which I absolutely adore. I try to Skype my family back home as often as possible, but the friends I've made in Washington State have also become a family to me and as an extrovert I always enjoy spending my free time with them.

I am very passionate about aiding and assisting people in anyway that I can and therefore am providential about the opportunity that peer advising allows.  Not only does this job allowing me countless hours of useful training, but it also helps to expand my interpersonal communication and relational dyadic skill sets.  This is my second year as a peer advisor and I have never loved a job more!


I’m a junior here at CWU; I plan on graduating with a BA in Psychology and an AA in Communications. After I receive my degrees here I’m going to move to California where I then plan on going to graduate school and receiving my PhD in Psychology. With my doctrine I intend to become a psychologist and start my life in California. I want to become a psychologist because I like listening to people. If people feel like they have no one to talk to I want them to come to me, besides sometimes it’s better to lay out your feelings to a complete stranger, there’s less judgment.  

Some of my hobbies include listening to music, playing/ watching sports, and hanging out with family and friends. My favorite singer is The Weeknd; he is playing in my headphones every day. My favorite sport to play is softball but my favorite sports to watch are football and basketball. My favorite football team is the NY Jets, and my favorite basketball team is the Boston Celtics. Family and friends are a big part of my life; they make it a little bit more special every day.

Being a peer advisor is my first job and I have to say so far I enjoy it very much. Any job that allows me to help others with my own experience and knowledge is an ideal job for me. A not so ideal job for me would be working with children. They are so hyper and undisciplined, that is hard to be around when I have no patience. That is probably why I do not intend to become a mother, at least until I can develop some patience. Until that time I’m going to stick with helping others who are my age or older, that is my comfort zone. I think that is why I enjoy this job so far, I get to work with people around my age and it allows me to work on my communication skills.