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Cooperative Education and Internships

CWU's Cooperative Education / Internship program is designed to help students gain meaningful hands-on experiences in their industry while earning credits towards their degree program. 

Many colleges and universities are already wondering if students can do on-site internships in the summer.  This resource guide from the Centre for Research on College-Workforce Transitions can serve as a useful guide for faculty and students.  Please be mindful that CWU may have different guidelines for summer internships that may conflict with what is discussed in this resource.  Students should consult with their faculty advisor prior to making arrangements with an internship employer.  

View All CWU Policies for Cooperation Education & Internships

**View Important Program Updates Regarding Internships During Covid-19 outbreak**


Important Note: As of January 2020 the CWU Internship process has been revised to be a fully online process hosted in the Wildcat Career Network. All internship applicants are encouraged to review the updated information provided here as many steps in the process have changed. 

Internship applications need to be submitted at least 5 business days before the quarter's Add/Drop date to ensure timely processing. Applications received after this deadline may be subject to additional approval requirements or late registration fees.

Student Internship Resources

Guides & Information Resources:

View Full Step-By-Step Internship Process Guide (Includes supporting info & links for the entire process)

View Student Internship Quickguide (A printable visual guide to finding/completing the application process)

View Student Internship FAQ's

View Current Internship Postings In Wildcat Career Network

Browse Internship Academic Requirements Worksheets & Guides (used to obtain course academic and activities info)

View Additional Information for CPT Internships for F-1 Visa Students (For international students on f-1 visas)

Required Training & Liability Insurance: 

Sexual Harassment Training is no longer required for internships.  Please proceed with all other requirements.

Purchase Non-Medical Liability Insurance 

*Standard option for most internships occurring outside of medical settings

Purchase Medical Liability Insurance 

*For internships in medical settings such as clinics, hospitals, and labs

Internship Academic Requirements Guide & Worksheets: 

Learn More About Internship Academic Requirements & Learning Objectives/Activities

Browse Program-Specific Application/Requirement Guides

Download Standard Internship Academic Requirements Worksheet 

*Students should check for a program-specific guide first, then use standard worksheet if none is found.

Pre-Internship Files & Affiliation Agreements: 

Get Info About Affiliation Agreements & Pre-Internship Files

View List of Current Affiliation Agreements In Place

Fill out Pre-Internship Initiation Request Webform 

*For internship sites with current affiliation agreements or medical internships.

Additional Process Forms & Links

Download Learning Agreement Modification Form

Download Schedule Change Form

Video Resources:

Student Internship 101: A basic overview of internships at CWU           


Student Internship Application Guide: A guide to finding and filling out the internship application form


Employer Internship Resources

Guides & Information

View Employer Guide to Internships at CWU

Post a Job or Internship on CWU's Wildcat Career Network

Review Employer Internship FAQ *Coming Soon*

Get Additional Information About Hiring International Students

On-Campus Unpaid Internship Mandatory Training Video


View Fair Labor Standards Act Guidelines for Unpaid Internships in the For-Profit Sector

Affiliation Agreements *Optional agreements for ongoing partnerships

Get Information About CWU Affiliation Agreements 

View List of Current CWU Affiliation Agreements


Faculty Internship Resources

Guides & Information

View Faculty Internship Process QuickGuide (Online applications)


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