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Career Courses for Credit

University 103: Career Exploration  

Career exploration is the exciting process of finding your ideal career, based upon your intrinsic interests, motivational traits, personality, values, skills, aptitudes, personal work style, and work environment preferences. Studies show people who are working in a "chosen" career that supports their intrinsic interests are happier and more successful and fulfilled than those who simply "settle" for a career.

This course is intended to help you to begin the process of selecting a major and/or a career path, to teach you how to gather information, to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and to learn how to make quality career decisions. This will involve some "reality testing" through specific career exploration, life/career planning, gathering resources, and developing your goals for a career environment and lifestyle that are compatible with your needs.

You will be exposed to career possibilities through class discussion, guest speakers, and exercises/ projects. In order to help you in the task of finding a career field, you will also explore your own particular traits, characteristics, and interests. You will complete exercises and career inventories that will help you to understand your values, talents and skills. You also will learn about resources that make the search easier.

2 Credit Course
Offered Each Quarter

University 301: Career Management

This course is designed to guide and empower you in your transition from college to a job of your choosing and in creating your professional image. The goal is to help you identify and articulate your unique contribution in the world of work and to guide you in preparing to conduct a successful job search that fits with your career plan. Gaining employment is difficult enough in today’s job culture.  Landing work that you like and that fits into your overall career plan is even harder. You have to know what you want, how to find opportunities, what employers are looking for and how you can communicate what you have to offer within the strict confines of today’s job search process. Luckily, we are here to help!! Topics include but are not limited to; resumes, cover letters, networking, informational interviewing, professionalism in the workplace, successful interviewing strategies, applying to jobs, researching companies and social media tools such as LinkedIn. Students will actually implement this knowledge to “apply” and “interview” for a job of their choosing.

2 Credit Course
Offered in Winter & Spring Quarters

Stop by Bouillon 206 for registration information.


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