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Career Services

Career Exploration and Planning

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Below you can find resources on how to choose a major, information about career counseling and your 4 year plan, information on how to gain career experience as a college student, and information about classes that will help you to build your hireable skills.


Choosing Your Major

Confused about what major you are interested? Unsure about what to do with the major you have chosen? Click here to find resources related to your major while at CWU.


Career Counseling

If you are unsure of where to start looking for a job, Career Counseling can help to evaluate your strengths, identify your core values, and explore potentail career and major options. Click here to learn more about career counseling or to learn about how to schedule a Career Counseling appointment. 


Career Assessment Tools

Finding the right career oftentimes requires understanding your values and personality. Click here to find different personality assessment tools that can help you to make an informed decision when choosing a career.


Student 4 Year Career Readiness Plan

Unsure of your path in college? Click here to view an in-depth analysis of a typical 4 year career readiness plan.


Gaining Career Experience 

Have a plan, but lack the experience? Click here to view resources on how to gain and showcase professional work experience.

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