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Career Services

Bruce Simpson

Phone: (509) 963-1982
Office: Bouillon 206G

Education: Bachelor's of University Studies (Liberal Arts) from the University of New Mexico.  Master's of Arts (Recreation Administration) from the University of Northern Colorado.

Experience: Higher education administration from 2001 to present.  Air Force Officer (active duty, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard) from 1990 to present

Favorite Job: My favorite jobs are my current civilian and military jobs.  I truly enjoy working in Career Services because it matches my dependable strengths.  My military job as an Air National Guard liaison to FEMA for disaster response in Region 10 (Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho) is also interesting and rewarding.

Least Favorite Job: I did not enjoy my first Air Force job as a nuclear missile launch officer, underground in Wyoming, because my ultimate job was to destroy the planet when ordered to do so by the President.  The job involved a lot of responsibility but offered very little job satisfaction.  

About Me:  I have childhood ties to both Vermont and New Mexico.  In addition, I have spent some time in all of the US states (except North and South Carolina) as well as England, Guam, Korea and Canada.  I enjoy a wide variety of recreation activities.  I have enjoyed riding motorcycles since the age of 12, including a 6,000 mile solo motorcycle / camping adventure to the Arctic Circle area of the Northwest Territories in Canada.  I have flown and jumped out of airplanes, but not at the same time.  My wife and I met on a pickleball court at CWU.  Two years later we were married by an Elvis impersonator at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.  We have two sons, Spencer and Garrett.  Last, but certainly not least, my Dependable Strengths report description reads:  A self-directed, autonomous leader…takes initiative, especially when he sees a way to make improvements…takes ownership of his improvement initiatives and runs with them until completion…pioneer…willing to go where others have not been…not afraid to explore unconventional options…likes to think creatively and often outside the box…looks for simple solutions that last.