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Winter 2013 Course Evaluation (SEOI) Reports + New Report

On Tuesday, March 26th faculty and instructors can log in to EvaluationKIT and view SEOI (Student Evaluation of Instruction) reports for the winter 2013 quarter.  Chairs and one staff member from each department can also download and view SEOI reports.

In response to requests from faculty, chairs, and deans, a new SEOI report is now available in EvaluationKIT. It is called the “CWU Report.” The course report is a condensed, one page summary of student responses to questions from the first two question banks on all SEOI forms - “Student Learning Environment” and “Teaching for Student Learning.”

This new report is meant to simplify and condense the full “PDF” report and the “PDF + TEXT” report (full report with student comments).  Of course, all three reports are available for use and review.  You can access all three reports by:

1st:  log in to the Wildcat Connection from the CWU home page
2nd: choose the “SEOIs” link at the bottom of the left frame
3rd:  Select the applicable “project” depending on the SEOI form and quarter, e.g., Fall 2012 Form A
4th:  click on “view” to the right of the applicable course
5th:  you can then select one of three reports: “CWU Report,” “PDF” (the full report), or “PDF + TEXT” (the full report including student comments to open-ended text questions).

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


Tom Henderson, Ph.D. - Director of Institutional Assessment
Office of the Associate Provost
Central Washington University
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(Tel): 509-963-2046

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