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Windows XP Support Ending

Campus computer users, please be aware of the following.

Support for the Microsoft operating system Windows XP will be ending in less than a year. Microsoft announced some time ago that the company would no longer publish security updates for the XP operating system after April 8th 2014.

In anticipation of this Computer Support Services has been provisioning the Windows 7 operating system on all new computers since last year. We have also been actively engaged in upgrading existing Windows XP desktop systems that are capable of effectively running the new Windows 7 operating system.

Starting in the 2013/2014 Academic year we will begin a systematic process of identifying remaining Windows XP computers and their locations. Because these Windows XP computers will be increasingly susceptible to compromise we will need to get them upgraded to Windows 7, or disconnected from our network.

If you are running Windows XP currently and would like to have your system upgraded to Windows 7 or replaced with a newer computer that runs Windows 7 please contact the Helpdesk at 2001 and request that a work-order to upgrade your computer be opened. The Helpdesk staff will need some details to complete this including the location and CWU tag number of your computer. Once the work order is opened it will be forwarded to Computer Support Services and as soon as we can, we will be contacting you regarding the upgrade process. Each work-order is created with a specific number that you can use to reference the process, and obtain updates as to your status in our que. Please note that in most cases we will need the you present during part of the process in order to complete the data transfer to your new operating system, answer your questions that may arise, and to help ensure that the process is completed to your satisfaction.

Chris Pratz

Manager, Computer Support Services at CWU

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