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Windows XP end of service!

Hello CWU Faculty and Staff!

The venerable Microsoft operating system Windows XP has reached the end of its service life. On April 8th Microsoft will officially cease to publish security patches, fixes, and updates for the Windows XP operating system. Consequently continued use of the operating system along with Office 2003 software suite has been identified by the Washington State OCIO as a potential security issue for State networks and communications.

Policy 142, issued by the OCIO spells out the specifics of this, and although it does offer the exemption for higher education CWU is actively moving to meet the spirit of this policy as it applies to all other State institutions and offices. My department, Client Services has been directed to actively pursue the upgrading of all identifiable instances of Windows XP with assistance from other departments within Information Services. Computer Support Services has anticipated this, and consequently been actively working towards this goal since last summer. At this point CSS is down to a couple hundred remaining XP systems, and has been actively trying to contact users of these systems to schedule upgrade or replacement.

Financial assistance is available to help replace older systems via the WinWin program. If you are not already familiar with the program WinWin is a buy back program for older computers. When you purchase a new standard Windows CPU with the supported Windows 7 operating system and software suite, CSS will buy your exchange computer (regardless of type) for half the cost of the new standard computer.

After April 8th CSS staff will begin a methodical and coordinated process of suspending internet access to individual computers that they can identify running Windows XP but cannot locate or establish contact with the users. If you are running Windows XP please contact the Helpdesk so that they can begin the process of scheduling an upgrade for you. If an upgrade has been scheduled for specific systems CSS will endeavor to allow internet access for a reasonable time period so the upgrade can be accomplished without undue interruption of internet service.

Chris Pratz, Director of Client Services

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