Campus Notices

Windows 7 computers getting GroupWise update automatically starting Wednesday the 27th!

Main campus Faculty and Staff will be getting an automatic installation of the new GroupWise 2012 client on Windows 7 computers if it is not already installed. For load balancing this process will start at random intervals on different computers, if you have not received this by mid April please contact the Helpdesk at 2001 for assistance.

This installation will happen by itself, but it will open a prompt window to alert you that the process is starting. If you are composing an open email be sure to save it before clicking the installation alert window. The installer will close your Groupwise client on its own and proceed with the installation. If you are not at your computer this process will start automatically after approximately 5 minutes.

The installer will bring up a couple of alert notices on your screen as it progresses, and the process should take no more than about five minutes. Once it is done we recommend you reboot your computer, and you should be able to resume normal work.

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