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Wildcat Password Self-Service

The Wildcat Password Self-Service System will allow you to take advantage of the features highlighted below. You can opt in by changing your password right away, or just wait until your password expires, then you will be able to use the new system. Want to learn more? You can check out the online help guide at:

Wildcat Password Self-Service

The authentication system used at CWU to log people into many of the network services around campus has been upgraded. The main features of the new system, called Wildcat Password Self-Service, are:

•       The addition of a forgotten password service using security questions.
•       Self-service password resets from on or off campus via an easy to remember web address:
•       Access to network drives directly from Macintosh computers.
•       The ability for people to update their GroupWise address book information.
•       User notifications of password changes on their accounts.
•  Currently for Faculty and Staff only.

The new system's current password policy is very similar to the rules that have been in place for the last 15 years. This policy can be modified to require passwords that are harder to crack or be guessed by hackers. Eventually CWU will have to comply with the Washington State Security Policy, and will be initiating “hardened passwords”, which requires a more complex combination of characters for official passwords. However, until then below are the current password requirements.

•       The new password policy directs that passwords: must be 8 to 25 characters in length
•       expire every 90 days
•       cannot contain your name
•       cannot be the words “password” or “wildcat”
•       are not case sensitive
•       can contain alpha numeric and special characters.
•       should not contain the percent sign, or the bracket symbol.

If you need assistance or have questions, please call the HelpDesk at 509-963-2001.

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