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Wellness Center Social Norms Campaign: Say Hello to Gerry Growler

The CWU Wellness Center has always worked to promote healthy living on the CWU campus. This year, the Wellness Center continues their "Social Norms" campaign, funded by a grant they received from the NCAA. The campaign has multiple strategies and facets, one of which is the print campaign that will be displayed campus-wide with statistics on student drinking gathered through a survey of CWU students last spring. The statistics are sure to not only inform, but pleasantly surprise as well.

The posters certainly do just that – the statistics not only contradict the perception of alcohol use in college, but also provide students with the truth through feedback from their peers. The theme of the posters this year is “Party Animals” and each poster features a different character including Thirsty Terry the elephant, Kerry Kegger the rhino, Wino Willie the giraffe and Gerry Growler the cheetah.

For more information contact the Wellness Center at 509-963-3213 or

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