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Wellness Center Social Norms Campaign: Safe Summers and Party Animals Campus Wide

To keep promoting healthy living at CWU, the Wellness Center is continuing their Social Norms campaign, funded by a grant they received from the NCAA. The campaign has multiple strategies and facets, including talking with students about how to have fun and safe summers and presenting pleasantly surprising statistics on student drinking through the Party Animals posters that are displayed campus wide.

The Party Animals, Kerry Kegger, Gerry Growler, Wino Willie and Thirsty Terry, are ready for summer, and will appear on their posters ready for a responsible but fun summer season.

By using the characters for storytelling, the posters convey the statistics to the CWU community in an interesting and innovative way. For example, Thirsty Terry and Kerry Kegger drank five or less drinks the last time they partied, just like 76% of CWU students and the majority of CWU NCAA athletes. Wino Willie and Gerry Growler drink less than once a month or not at all, just like two thirds of the CWU student population and 47% of CWU first year students.

Don’t miss the chance to learn how to have a safe summer break, and ensure that the time off is put to great use!

For more information please contact Wellness Center Health Educator Doug Fulp at 509-963-3240 or

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