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Visitor/Guest WIFI Now Available across Campus

We're pleased to announce that "open" WiFi Internet access is now available to all CWU visitors & guests.  It's easy! Any visitor/guest to CWU can get free Internet access (in seconds) from any Wireless Access Point (WAP) on campus.   They simply:
1) Connect to the GUEST wireless network (CWU-Guest)
2) If they already have Guest/Visitor Credentials ... they can immediately log on.   (Only Guest/Visitor credentials work on CWU-Guest)
3) If they do not have Guest/Visitor Credentials .... they simply enter their name (first and last), and a mobile phone number, and credentials are instantaneously sent to them in a text message.  They can then log in!   Credentials received this way are good for 24 hours.

This "text based authentication" allows us to provide secure and easy (open) Internet access, while still meeting the basic regulatory and other requirements that we must comply with (CALEA, DMCA, PCI, etc.).  It also mitigates a large amount of risk to the University by being able to track any illegal or unethical activity back to an individual mobile phone #.

ALSO:  If there is a large group coming on campus for official business (conference, meeting, etc.) ... we can either provide a single set of login credentials for everyone (so that unique credentials do not have to be set up for each person as in the past), or they can all just use the process above and get credentials individually within seconds. 

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