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Campus Notices

UPAC Approved Policy/Procedure Changes

The following policies and procedures were recommended, and approved by President Gaudino, at the December 4, 2013 meeting of the University Policy Advisory Committee:

CWUR 2-10-030 Requesting Establishment of or Alteration to a Fee
CWUP 2-20-050 Establishment of Fees and Charges
CWUP 8-20-070 University Housing and New Student Programs
CWUP 2-50-040 Facilities Use
CWUP 2-50-050 Flag Protocol
CWUP 2-60(10) Enterprise Information Systems Committee
CWUP 5-80-010 Intent of State-Supported Course Fees
CWUP 5-80-020 Criteria for Fee Charges

The policy and procedure manuals are both located on the Resources and Reports page,

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