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TWO-YEAR Calendar Update

Are you as excited for the new 2012 Two-year calendar as I am?! 

The two-year calendar is back and will be in stock soon, but there have been some changes in ordering. 

There will be TWO sizes available: 24X36 Poster and a 13X19 Desk/Wall size. 

The newest change is that all of the calendars must be pre-ordered and will need to have a department charge with the order.  To avoid needing to raise any prices, I will only be ordering the large poster size calendar once.  Once we are out of stock, we will not have anymore on order for at least 12 months. 

If you or your department would like to place an order, please email and let me (Joanna :D) know how many you would like and attach a completed department charge form.  Only orders with completed department charges will be filled. If you can't email it, feel free to campus mail it to me at M.S. 7449.  As soon as the calendars arrive,  you will be called and they will be available for pick up. 

Although the ordering for this year is slightly different, the two-year calendar is always worth the wait, and don't forget that you get 20% off with your department charge!  If you have any questions, please email me or call X1360.  Also, if you would like to see what the desk size looks like, stop by the Wildcat Shop and I'll let you get a sneak peak!

Thank you and I look forward to your order!


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