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To All Dept's,


"SWAP" is the acronym for "Surplus With A Purpose". The main campus and her branch campuses have and always will experience attrition with our faculty & staff. In forthcoming weeks and months to follow, the Surplus & Asset management dept will have informational topics available to all CWU dept's as a FYI.

Topics & Information discussed will be: What does the Surplus dept have to offer for other dept's and the branch campuses?, What is the "3-R" program?, What to do with Lost/Found items at your dept, Moving state property from one dept to another, Dept office procedures, CWU transfer forms and Why?, When a faculty/staff member leave your dept, Preparing for Internal/State Audits, Whats Recyclable?, I'm about to order some Furniture or Equipment, How do I code these items?, Abandoned Property, What is consumable?, Are there items that I'm about to Surplus, deemed Hazardous?, Departmental Inventories, Surplus Whse houses historical artifacts, How often are public surplus sales?, Forms available to dept's relating to Surplus, Trade-In of State Property, Can State Property leave my dept?, Can other agencies/entities purchase items from CWU Surplus dept?, Can I move furniture within my dept?, Garbage vs Surplus, What to do with Professors textbooks?

If these topics have "struck a chord" about a question(s), feel free to touch base with the Asset Mgmnt/Surplus dept at 963-2157.







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