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"Sustainable" screening and Spoon Full farmer panel! April 23

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Sponsored by the Social Justice and Human Rights Dialogues and the James E. Brooks Library, join us for a screening and discussion of the film "Sustainable" and the farmers of Spoon Full Farm, out of Thorp, WA. 

SUSTAINABLE is a telling of the instability of America’s food system through the lens of U.S. farmers.  It provides an essential perspective of agricultural issues and the people who work the land. What can we as consumers learn from the folks on the ground, in the field growing food? What can we do to sustain our food system for future generations? 

Spoon Full Farm is located in Thorp, WA. The "5 spoons" are LOYAL TO SOIL, farming through no-till methods, working with their ecosystem to sequester carbon in the soil and provide delicious, healthful food to their communities. Spoon Full is an active example of sustainable food production. How do they put concepts of sustainability into practice?

Join us on Monday, April 23 from 5:00pm to 7:30 pm in Black Hall 150 for the screening of Sustainable and a presentation/Q&A with Spoon Full. Doors open at 4:30. 






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