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Campus Notices

Surplus Campus Re-Distribution

To All,

The Surplus Whse has an assortment of misc office supplies available to all on a "first  come, first serve" basis. Please call 963-2157 for an appointment to view misc items. Our office hours are M-F  7AM-5PM. The Surplus Whse is located at 14th & "B" Street.

If depts are in need of proper functional office/classroom furnishing's one should contact Linda Mahney at ext.1600. Dept's in need of computing devices such as: monitors, printers, and scanners should contact Jeff Gladen at ext. 1606. Also, if dept's are in need of A/V related equipment such as: TV's, VCR's, Document Cameras, etc: one should contact Steve Douglas at ext.1232.

Dave Moffatt

SWAP (Surplus With A Purpose)

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