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Students, Enroll in SUST301 Introduction to Sustainability Fall 2020!

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Thu, 05/14/2020

Do you want to contribute to improving sustainability at CWU and in your community?
In SUST 301: Introduction to Sustainability, students learn about concepts related to sustainable development and sustainable environments. 

  • There are no pre-requisites for this course, and students from all colleges and majors are welcome to enroll.  For Environmental Studies students, this course is an elective for the ENST major and minor.
  • SUST301 will be taught by Dr. Megan Walsh (Geography and Environmental Studies professor), and Dr. Kathleen Klaniecki (CWU’s Sustainability Coordinator). 

Students who take SUST301 are eligible to enroll in the CWU Sustainability Certificate (

  • CWU’s Sustainability Certificate offers students from any academic path an opportunity to develop experiential, service-learning projects that focus on improving sustainability needs of the university or a community partner.
  • Students learn fundamental concepts related to sustainability in environmental, economic, and social issues while earning practical technical skills about developing and managing a project to improve organizational effectiveness.
  • The Sustainability Certificate prepares students for entry into public or private sector jobs related to organizational or environmental sustainability.
  • For more information about SUST301, contact Megan Walsh  For information about the Sustainability Certificate, contact Clay Arango or Susan Kaspari






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